Cat Fighting With Some Slutty Bitch on Halloween

So it should come to no surprise with how much of a Domme Bitch I am, that I love and maybe even have a fetish for cat fighting. Especially when some of my friends are crossing the line with me. I like to show them who the alpha female bitch is in the relationship between us. ESPECIALLY if a bitch thinks she can take my man. You can drive me to a brutal cat fight even as a close friend, if you mess with my man and my cock. You will unleash the wrathful dom in me if you dare even try.

It doesn’t just prove a point though when I take a bitch to the next level in a fight. It gets me HOT when I bruise and bloody up one of my little friends. So if they try touching my man, they’re really just digging themselves in a grave. I’m a BDSM mistress and giving pain is my specialty. I will find no shortage of ways to bring pain to my slutty bitch friends if they so need it. Most of my friends are really just brainwashed and trained slaves of mine, whether they realize it or not. Anyone who revolves around me is a simp and just tries to get my second hand cock when I’m tired of playing with it.

That’s why this bitch is gonna get what she asked for tonight on halloween. I’m going to kick her ass and I’m going to enjoy it. I’ll probably masturbate before I go down to “hang out with her” and I know damn well I’ll masturbate after when I’ve knocked some sense into her. Tonight she’s going to realize why all my friends say “yes m’am” or else they get kicked to the curb!

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