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Bunny Costume... thong and bunny earsIt’s Easter time, and you know what that means? Time to celebrate! Or if you’re like me you just use it as an excuse for another sexy cosplay outfit! I love dressing up in cute outfits to entertain my daddies! I think it’s so hot to dress up, especially as a little sex bunny. I even like to act the part too, if any of you daddies out there like petplay.

When you treat me like a little pet, that’s the best thing. I love submitting to older men who treat me that way. Collar me, cage me, leash me, and fuck me in my bunny costume! Nothing is off limits when I’m your pet. Want to fuck this ass? That isn’t even the baddest thing you could do to a bad bunny like me. We could of course get rougher, but foreplay is a good start. This bad bunny plays nice, rough, whatever her Daddy says! So what will you make me do Daddy?

-Bad Bunny Tara

A little piece of tight ass.

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My daddy was the first one to ever turn me onto anal sex. He is the first to ever show me what it’s like to feel a thick cock inside my tight little ass. My obsession with older men is because of him. But also my obsession with anal is because of my sweet daddy as well! I think older men and ass fucking should both go hand in hand. They have much more experience than the boys my age. The boys around my age just can’t compete with older men and that’s fact.

So my anal obsession only continues to grow! I love the way it feels to have my sweet little asshole stretched. If you’re into this as much as I am then maybe we should get together. My daddy won’t mind, I promise! Actually he would love it if other men used his sweet young girl for their pleasure. I think everyone wins in this situation! It would be insanely hot if you fucked me up my young ass in front of my daddy too. Knowing him, he wouldn’t even think to stop you. Damn I’m such a bad girl! All I want is to have a little bit of fun… Don’t you want the same too?

Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

This fetish blog was posted by Lexi.
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Ava loves fucking men 20 years older.

He may be 20 years older than me, but there’s more than enough things he could teach me. I’ve honestly been into older men since I could remember. The attention I could get from an older man meant more than catching the eye of an average person. Of course it was natural for me, but not so natural for him. He has his career, his image and name, and who am I but an adolescent compared to him? I can hardly get my panties on and get to school in time. Yet I could tell when we met that he saw something more, maybe even something I never see.

What he saw I believe was potential. His dominance I could sense almost immediately, and I believe he could sense my submission to him almost the same. I knew he was attached, probably with a wife who was much more dominant than he can stand. She’s controlling, she’s in charge of everything, and he’s tired of her. Sure, she was great while she lasted, while he was young and making his way up. However, women age, and things start to sag, and it’s only science that men start to look. The second a fertile young thing passes by, their eyes follow.

Young girls are like clay for men 20 years older…

That’s exactly the potential he saw in me from the moment he laid eyes on me. Just as his wife built him to be exactly how she wanted, he was looking for a young one to build up himself. He saw that I was a young school girl, unmarried, no kids, but definitely in the market for all of that, and more. He could sense that I especially wanted little ones. I am the type who would submit only to the right one with the right status, but when I find that person, I would lay down everything for them.

The age gap really is no big deal in the end of it all. We are all here to learn and teach each other, and everyone falls at some end of the spectrum. Someone who is 20 years older can teach me about love, life, and sex… and probably better than a guy my age anyway. Deep down, he knows that and I know that too. That’s why his eyes keep on wandering over my way.

Living a stagnant life gets boring after awhile. Yeah, you’ve been married 13 years, but where’s the passion? Where’s the pleasure? Perhaps its with this younger woman who exudes vitality and passion for life. Like a chance to be reborn again, to feel young again, to enjoy yourself again…

Bad Apple Ava

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