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  • Stoner Babe Lexi

    No Comments
    Party girl Lexi here saying HEY! Happy 420! There’s no doubt that I’m staying high as fuck all day. I’ve been partying hard on this date since before jr high probably. I love smoking those wonderful green buds often, especially …
  • Good Girls Are Bad Girls That Haven’t Been Caught

    No Comments
    Uh-oh! Sir caught me smoking… I was raised to be a sweet, demure, submissive girl, and I am.. mostly. I love to submit to your desires like a good girl, but sometimes I’m bad on purpose.. I just love to …
  • Cock is caged

    No Comments
    So your cock or “clitty” is caged. Now what? Well that is up for me to decide and for you to find out… Eventually. You might be wondering if I will tease you endlessly. Maybe I will bring you so …
  • Ball Busting Bitch Boys

    No Comments
    Little bitch boys are so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to wring their little necks out and make them pay for being such pathetic perverts. That’s why I’m holding nothing back with my ball busting phone sex sessions now! Any …
  • Just the nympho you want!

    No Comments
    I am the definition of a real nymphomaniac. I cannot get enough sex! It’s like this constant aching pain inside me that I can’t seem to satisfy. Or I’ll satisfy the cravings for a little while but it never lasts …
  • Makayla loves sexting

    No Comments
    Did you know that we offer chat sessions as well? If you’re too shy for the phone then it’s no problem. I actually quite enjoy chatting through the computer. It can lead to some interesting conversations! What I really find …
  • Peeping Perv Needs Punishing

    No Comments
    I have this neighbor who lives next door and he’s such a peeping perv! I swear I’ve caught him spying while I undress almost every day this week. Now he’s even leaving his bedroom window open and jacking off right …
  • Perversion Therapy – Are you a sick fuck?

    No Comments
    Are you a sick fuck with a lot of issues that you need to get solved? Why go to a fucked up shrink when you can get a fucked up girlfriend like me instead. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you …
  • Pop my little cherry

    No Comments
    Wouldn’t you love to do some cherry popping right about now? My parents are gone and they won’t be back for a while. So you have me all to yourself. I know you must have already been thinking about how …
  • Hate Fucking My Ex-Lover

    No Comments
    God, I hate you baby. But I love you sooo fucking much. You know why? I love the way I make you feel over that BBC. I know we’re over baby now, but you still miss this pussy and you …
  • Masturbate with me

    No Comments
    Mutual masturbation with Felicity It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love touching myself over the phone. Doing it with you while we talk nasty gets me really wet. More often than not my panties quickly become damp. The big …
  • Petite is perfect for rough sex

    No Comments
    I’m your spinner. Petite, tiny, but soft in all the right places. Silky smooth & perfect in all the others! I am your fuckdoll & no limits fucktoy who you can practically do anything with. Throw me on top, up …
  • Our Golden Eggs Will Give You Golden Deals

    No Comments
    Happy Easter from here at thehotspace.com. Just for you we have arranged a few special hidden surprises here on our website. Find one or all of our golden eggs and receive a golden special! Inside every egg is a hot …
  • Bunny Costume For Fucking Daddy

    No Comments
    It’s Easter time, and you know what that means? Time to celebrate! Or if you’re like me you just use it as an excuse for another sexy cosplay outfit! I love dressing up in cute outfits to entertain my daddies! …
  • Naughty neighbor Felicity

    No Comments
    Would you believe the girl next door is a total slut? Sure I look sweet as can be but you should look a little bit closer. Underneath the goody two shoes mask I am one really naughty neighbor! You wouldn’t …
  • I’m All You Want

    No Comments
    Turning you on with my sensual voice is always exciting for me. Not only my hot young voice can do the trick but of course my sexy body helps too. I want your completely undivided attention right now. Come find …
  • Fuck me raw, no condoms.

    No Comments
    I want you to fuck me raw. Sorry baby but that’s just how I like it. No condoms for this junkie whore right here so cum right up if you want it deep inside me. I want you to fill …
  • I need a Daddy Dom

    For the right man I can be the perfect daddy’s girl. I’m hoping the right man is you! Are you ready to teach me a few things? Like very important life lessons. I need you to teach me since I …
  • Ass rules everything around me

    No Comments
      Ass rules everything around me…deep in that pussy yeah i’m drowning ass rules everything around me… a shark in the water how u found me 😉      
  • Spring Break Gang Bang

    No Comments
    It’s been a very eventful week for me here in Jizz junkie land! I had a spring break trip to Miami Florida and it was fucking spectacular! I was hanging out at one of the hotel clubs alone one night …
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