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BBC Phone Sex - Big Black Cock Lover Jessi - 1-661-527-1335I live to worship bbc. From the moment I wake up I think about what I can do to get the next biggest black dick that day. I slut around in my community and give my pussy to every black cock that takes notice. I never give access to these golden goods to just any cock… It’s true that BBC is much better. I would never submit to a white cock like I ever would a black one and that’s just the truth. I feel so primal seeing BBC. Whenever I see tiny little white guys it just doesn’t turn me on the same. There is no way a white cock could ever please this. Not even brown dicks turn me on as much. Could it be black cock is superior? How often do you see a tiny little black guy? It’s just not possible. I’ve committed myself to sucking and fucking every black cock in this neighborhood. I know they love using white pussy and ass just for a quick fuck. Probably most black men don’t want to settle. That’s okay, they can breed me out like a good white slut and make me a single mother. 661-527-1335

Daddy’s Little Dynamite Skye

Ever since I was as young as I could remember, I have had the hots for my Daddy. I’m not sure when it started but probably when I was very young and started to grow into a woman. Daddy started to notice the changes in me and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me!

I started having to cover myself around Daddy even though I was used to always walking around with just a pair of panties and a tight bra. He was starting to get off on it which made me kind of uncomfortable.

Feeling brave, I decided to have a talk with my Daddy. “What makes you keep looking at me like that?” I demanded of him. Daddy looked guilty but laughed evilly and started to squeeze at my tits and slap my ass. The continuing to push my boundaries started to really piss me off.

“I said stop it, I’m tired of you looking at me all the time. I’ve caught you watching me in the shower too and I’ve had enough of you spying on me.” I screamed.

Daddy came forward with a smile on his face and smirked “Or else what? What are you going to do my little girl?” Getting even more upset, I took out a video camera and started recording my Daddy with his cock out.

“Or else this goes up all over the internet! And I will tell mom too, and everyone around.”

Daddy looking a bit shocked said “You wouldn’t really do that now would you Skye?”

Well I have One answer to that Daddy:

Just watch me. <3


Stop Doing Free Phone Sex Chat Lines, Start Flirting

Free Phone Chat Lines Are Out Of Style

Did you know that free phone sex chat lines take labor from the talker with no payment to her? All while the caller is still paying for the connection. Let’s quickly discuss the scam of free phone chat lines, and what we can do to ensure a quality experience.

Free phone chat lines are a remnant from the early 2000s, back before smart phones had really taken hold. They are all built on a simple pyramid scheme. They’re always free for women to chat with, but the men are still paying standard prices for phone sex services in the industry.

If men are still paying standard phone sex prices to enjoy a phone sex line, then shouldn’t the talker (the woman) also be able to benefit from her work? Unlike common beliefs, free phone chat lines are mostly sausage parties with very little women calling on the lines.

Where have all the women from phone sex lines gone?

Phone sex and sound stimulation is truly a vintage experience. Phone sex, or another form of it, has likely been happening since we could enjoy the sound of another’s voice. However, with the changing times in technology, the old phone sex lines have become a thing of the past.

With the rise of smartphones and technology, the phone sex line has transformed from a call center, to being in the hands of the woman. Women are becoming smarter with their money. They aren’t just offering phone sex services anymore. Real providers are offering sexting, camming and other virtual experiences to fully immerse in your fantasy.

Women know their value and are no longer interested in working for free.

As much as we appreciate the vintage charm of free (for women) phone sex lines such as LiveLinks, we know these are pyramid schemes that do not benefit us. Women want to feel valued for their services and are more willing to offer quality experiences with paid encounters.

When a woman knows she’s being fully appreciated for her mind, body, and services, the more she will strive to give you the best experience. Real women won’t be using free phone sex lines anymore, but instead looking at content creation and paid services.

Customers Are Likely Paying for Phone Sex Anyway

Talkers, if you knew a customer was paying real money to talk to you live, wouldn’t you want to receive that payment? Customers, if you knew that the women you were paying to phone sex were actually free laborers, wouldn’t you want to instead pay your talker?

This all is common sense, of course, but unfortunately there are still a few men who haven’t received the memo. Women are no longer working for free phone sex chat lines, they are working for top companies and advertising themselves. Between OF and the hundreds of live adult chat sites, women have found better places to be for their phone sex fun.

Start Flirting Now for a Better Experience

Get connected with real, independent phone sex operators and camgirls through our platform at For the same price range as standard phone sex & camming services, you can talk to real women and make personal connections with your favorite online models and companions.

Better than a direct dial phone sex service, we also feature a professional phone sex directory. The Hot Space platform only lists real women and paid service providers who specialize in phone sex, texting, and camming. Start Flirting Now and feel the difference in your phone sex life, whether you are a talker or a client.

Control a Southern MILF’s Lovense Lush

Lovense Lush Phone Sex, Phone Sex with Lovense. Call Savannah. 1-866-3HOTSEX #769Ever thought of taking control of a hot southern MILF’s lovense lush? Well now you can baby XXX

I’m a dirty, down south southern kind of girl and I just picked up a new Lovense Lush from a sugar daddy.

I’m loving it so much and I’m addicted to letting guys control it! Turns me on when I can put it inside me while you control every action of it.

What setting would you put it on to make me cream? Something nice and soft to keep me from cumming slowly… or would you turn it all the way up on high heat?

Be honest and true to yourself. We come here to have fun and be absolutely unhinged with ourselves!

So why not take control of my lovense lush on our next phone sex call? You will love the addition of my new little toy!

My rates are $2 per minute with a 10 minute minimum but if you want to buy more time I can work out something special just for you. Tell me all your dirtiest secrets and control every aspect of that lovense and my orgasm. Take out every frustration on my lovense so I can feel every aching moment of pleasure.

Your lovense whore Savannah

The Origin of The Color: The “Phone Sex Pink”

Once upon a time, around 10 years ago, there was a movie called “For a Good Time, Call…” which featured two ladies just trying to make it in life, and tapping into the phone sex industry. Since then, many phone sex websites have been inspired to use the color pink. However, “The Hot Space” was one of the first sites to use this color as a part of their brand. Since then, other phone sex websites have followed suit, and all these websites have been inspired by this color for many reasons. The color, which I call the “phone sex pink”, has many strange origins… but as one of the founders, I can hint you in on a little secret: T-Mobile has a similar color of pink they have for their services too! #FunFacts

New & Improved

The Hot Space is back as a directory and phone sex listing service. New & improved! To connect with the latest independent phone sex operators, browse the website now. The operator’s personal and business numbers will be listed on their profile, as well as all their stats and kinks. If you have any questions about the recent changes to, as always, you are welcome to email our support at

Passed Around Like a Cum Dumpster

Pass Me Around like a cum dumpster. I want to have many men around me and none wearing condoms. I went them all to use me like the fucking whore I am! Each taking turns with my little body and cumming deep inside one of my 3 fuck holes. Protection is not an option as many men will pass me around anyway.

Forcing me to take it is exactly what I deserve for being such a naughty cum dump. I will love that attention is all on me with all the cocks inside me. It will make my pussy cum sooo creamy! I don’t even care how risky it is; if I get knocked up that is what I will deserve for being such an easy slut. Easy girls are the best because you can keep fucking them and coming back for more and more sex.

You Were Born To Sin, And Born To Serve

You were born to sin, and you were born to serve… It’s in every man’s nature to fall at the feet of a seductress and sinful temptress like Eve. One who couldn’t hold prude enough to keep from tasting the Forbidden Fruits. Not even Adam could keep Eve away from tasting the fruit of the Sinful Snake… and sinful Ava is no different. The snake has only gotten much larger since then, and much more fuckable.

Don’t be shy with Ava, I am the one to know your darkest and most sinful desires. I’ll also find a way to use them against you, then threaten you with them once I have you cornered in my place. It’s in my Lilith, Jezebel spirit to completely and utterly destroy you from the inside out. I’ll live rent free in your head forever; once you cross to the dark side with me, there will be no escaping and no coming back. Those sinful perversions you entertain won’t just be fantasy with me, they will be a lifestyle that you will live!

Cocksucking monster cocks

I’m a size queen. I live for cocksucking monster cocks. The bigger the better! Grab me by my hair and pull on it, shove my whole head down on that monster cock and make me suck it good. I love being put in my place with that alpha cock!

I want to feel you pushing my tight throat to its limits, swallowing that fat cock. I want to feel the rim of your cock gagging me. I’d get so horny spitting up and choking on your cock. You’d get so horny watching me look up at you with smeared makeup and mascara tear drops covering my face. I love men who fuck my throat out like a slutty whore and make me pay for it.

Evil Queen of Darkness For Your Worship

Those who know me know what I advertise is no joke. I’m the evil queen of darkness and some things I offer are twisted in fantasy. I enjoy converting others to the side of the darkness, where I can reign as queen forever and ever. I’m always pushing men to the limits, getting them to dive in extremely sinful fantasies that are beyond return. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bad influence, because I am.

I’m definitely not the kind of girl you should bring home to your church-going family. I will desecrate the very comfort of their home and family. I will take their son beyond the depths of sin of evil. Converting him to my religion will be simple, because his religion will be feeding and worshiping my tight pussy. Feeding from this pussy will be his main goal and care in the world, forever and ever. The parents will despise me.

Once you go into the darkness, it’s true, you don’t return. Not without a killer fetish, and a taste for flesh and blood. That’s why your parents will probably start to notice the change in you, if you’re fucking with me. They’ll realize their son has lost it and start to wonder what has changed with him. When they finally see me for the first time, all their fears will have come true, because they’ll realize I’m truly evil.

I’ll enjoy taking their son away. Family holidays? You’ll spend them with my pussy. Family birthdays? Then when they ask where you’ve been all this time, you’ll tell them you’ve been spending a lot of time with Ava Adore. They’ll get jealous of all the time you devote to my pussy!

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