You Were Born To Sin, And Born To Serve

You were born to sin, and you were born to serve… It’s in every man’s nature to fall at the feet of a seductress and sinful temptress like Eve. One who couldn’t hold prude enough to keep from tasting the Forbidden Fruits. Not even Adam could keep Eve away from tasting the fruit of the […]

Evil Queen of Darkness For Your Worship

Those who know me know what I advertise is no joke. I’m the evil queen of darkness and some things I offer are twisted in fantasy. I enjoy converting others to the side of the darkness, where I can reign as queen forever and ever. I’m always pushing men to the limits, getting them to dive in […]

Evil Indulgences – Taste Sin

What is Evil? Where did it come from? Why is it that something so pleasurable has to be considered so wrong? Well who gives a gives a fuck, God Dammit! I love sin. We are all sinners anyway, so why not take care of our sick needs? In the beginning Adam & Eve were given […]

Succumb to Sinful Temptation

If God knows of everything, does that mean he knows all of sexual perversion, sin & temptation? Then why not be like God, all knowing of everything sinful? If we’re all sinners anyway, and we all will have to repent, why not have a little fun before we cleanse ourselves forever? Yes, I am the […]

Adam & Ava… The Art of Sinning for Sexual Gratification

Everyone is familiar with the story of Adam of Eve. It’s the perfect example of the true power women contain. They are capable of bringing men to their knees to disobey even the greatest of them all. It was Eve who first brought Adam to sinning. From Eve’s encouragement, from the power of her womanly […]

Tempting Dark Side of Phone Sex

The tempting dark side of phone sex is easy to give into. All your dark desires can be easily fulfilled when you allow yourself to go to the dark side. Are you ready to have a taste of your next addiction? Once you have a taste of me, you will never stop wanting to have […]

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