You Were Born To Sin, And Born To Serve

You were born to sin, and you were born to serve… It’s in every man’s nature to fall at the feet of a seductress and sinful temptress like Eve. One who couldn’t hold prude enough to keep from tasting the Forbidden Fruits. Not even Adam could keep Eve away from tasting the fruit of the Sinful Snake… and sinful Ava is no different. The snake has only gotten much larger since then, and much more fuckable.

Don’t be shy with Ava, I am the one to know your darkest and most sinful desires. I’ll also find a way to use them against you, then threaten you with them once I have you cornered in my place. It’s in my Lilith, Jezebel spirit to completely and utterly destroy you from the inside out. I’ll live rent free in your head forever; once you cross to the dark side with me, there will be no escaping and no coming back. Those sinful perversions you entertain won’t just be fantasy with me, they will be a lifestyle that you will live!

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