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Death can be sexually pleasurable. If it is what you want, to experience pain and sex in the last moments of your life. I can bring you to the brink of death with one snap of my fingers. Will you beg for your life and change your mind? Will you have that one last orgasm before you suffocate? Whatever it may be, just know that if you try to back out now it’s too late. The death of you will be slow and torturous. It will be pleasurable not only for me, but for you to be so close to the end game with a hot psycho like me.

Sexually Pleasurable DeathOnce I bring you to the edge, there’s no escaping the grim reaper. It will be me who hunts you down like the prey you are to torture you for one last meal. You being the perverted fuck you are will not take this seriously. You will be so focused on sex, you wont even think twice about how your forbidden fetish could really play out. After all, once you cum from this fantasy, you just go back to life and don’t think much of it. This time is different though. This time, you will be in a body bag before you know it. I might even pleasure myself to you after the fact, instead of cumming with you in the final moments. Necrophilia anyone?

Sexy Goth Princess

This fetish blog was posted by Avery.
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Tight Teen with a Young VoiceDo you like young sexy voices? Well I love playing roles that involve just that! I know my young voice drives a lot of guys crazy. They love that I sound so tiny. They always come up with the craziest role plays too. Since I am an “anything goes” kind of girl, they always try to test my limits to see what I can handle. Little do they know I’m pretty naughty so it’s not that easy to shock me, though I’ve definitely come close. Especially when I play those very intense roles! Some of my callers really love when I do those forbidden “anything goes” kinds of role plays. They make me scream & cry and really feel the pain! They use my little young voice to act out their desires, so much so that it’s like the real thing.  1-844-447-551

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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