Yummy CEI, have a taste!

It would turn me on so much if you did CEI with me. It’s really naughty and yes maybe a little nasty too. Although I think if you’re willing to do it then I think it will be fun for both of us! Don’t be one of those guys who is too chicken shit to even try a little taste. I can’t deal with that!

You’re talking to royalty here. So you better obey me or get out of my face, sweetie. Now are you ready to play dirty with me or not? I want to tease you so your yummy cum keeps building up in your balls. You should know by now why I would want to do this.

Build up a sticky load for me. It would get me really hot if you did whatever I said. That includes CEI of course! That’s what I want most of all right now. Let’s get nasty. Have a taste for Princess.

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