Sexy COED Fantasy

Here comes the sexy coed seductress you never knew you needed until now. The first time I walked into your classroom I knew you would be fun to seduce. Your eyes locked on me and ever since then I’ve caught you staring on multiple occasions. Never do I make a fuss though. It just goes to show that I obviously stir something up inside you. Something that makes you “itch” you might say.


sexy coed temptress

Slowly through the semester I’ve been working my way into your life. Often I ask for help. I chat with you before and after class. Of course I also wear those outfits that seem to keep catching your eye! The more I’m friendly the more you become comfortable around me. This is exactly what I want. It’s only a matter of time before you’re helping me with homework by the fire with a glass of champagne. That thought alone excites you and we both know it. Just reading these words makes you squirm in your chair behind your desk. You could definitively say it excites me too. Bonus points if you’re reading this while we’re in class. That would make you a naughty professor! It’s getting to that point, isn’t it? Soon you’ll be finding yourself inviting me over to your place. Get the fire going and champagne ready.


Kinky COED Felicity

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