Are you looking for freaky? My name’s Sexy Maria Santos and I’m a real sex freak, All 100% Latina. I know if you are here you are looking for something and I want to be your phone sex lover. I’m an exchange student in college studying English. I’m very good at speaking but phone sex’s always helping me learn more of the nasty things to say! I’m also looking very innocent, but I am very freaky in secret.My mi madre thinks I should wait for marriage like a good catholic school girl, but she doesn’t know I have always been freaky. I lost my virginity before my quinceanera but I tell her I’m still virgin. Mi madre also doesn’t know I’m a sex addict.

Right once I moved to the USA I’ve always had many boyfriends and lots of sex. This is my first time single and its driving me loco! I can’t go without any longer so I’m looking for a new lover. I really love American guys (hint) and I love Hispanic/Latino guys too, but I love any man who loves Latina! I really want you to listen to me play on the phone. Can I listen too papi?




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