Sexy Teens Smoking

smoking fetishDo you have a smoking fetish? I admit that I love having a good smoke! I think you know the kind that I’m talking about. Where I live I can find some really awesome stuff.  Bud isn’t hard to come across around here at all. I have some pretty great hook ups too. So it quite literally is at my fingertips. I smoke after school but I’ll even smoke in the morning before school. I don’t give a fuck!

No one has said anything to me yet. No teacher or classmate. So I keep doing what I want. But for tonight I don’t have to worry about shit! It’s Saturday and I’m ready to party. Let’s have some fun. I’ve got enough good stuff for your smoking fetish.

Still in school

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Bad little girl smoking pot

I’ve been a bad little girl again! Been doing some naughty things my Dom might not be so proud of. Like smoking of all things! That’s not what good girls do, now is it? What if you caught me smoking like a bad girl, how would you reprimand the situation? Would you make me bend over for you? Would I have to pull off my little strapped panties that are barely even covering my tiny teen slit anyway? I bet you’d just rip off everything and start spanking my ass immediately! Lord knows if you caught me smoking I’d deserve it! I’d deserve exactly four hundred and twenty ass spankings, all for being such a bad girl. That would be only the start of my punishment, as I know I’d deserve a whole lot more… This brat needs a whole world of punishment! Put in my place…

A little piece of tight ass.

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