No Limits Fucktoy

Petite ballet dancer whore fucking roughI’m your spinner. Petite, tiny, but soft in all the right places. Silky smooth & perfect in all the others! I am your fuckdoll & no limits fucktoy who you can practically do anything with. Throw me on top, up against the wall, or hold me by my ankles and force me to suck your cock. I don’t mind if you want to get rough with me! Rough sex is my favorite, perfect for a submissive girl like me. I may be fragile and easily broken, but I don’t mind! I can take a good choking every once in awhile too. I used to be a ballet dancer so I’ve taken plenty of falls and hard hits. While I do love getting my ass spanked raw, that doesn’t mean that sweetness can’t have a little punch to it.

A Taste of Tiffany

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Subbie Slut

I was born a subbie slut. So I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be used sexually. My dad used to say that I was made for abuse, haha. Certainly know that my ass can definitely take a good beating!

I haven’t been doing this professionally very long but I am very good at taking instructions. I love learning new things from callers especially ways I can better serve as a submissive. Experienced callers are always nice but I also like being able to experiment with newbs who haven’t had a dominant/submissive relationship before. Basically I am the girl you take out your frustrations on. I am a dumb whore that needs to be reminded of her place. Maybe you can make me your no limits fuck toy for as long as you’ll have me. I promise I won’t tell anyone about the wonderfully horrible things you do to me, unless you want me to. Scream at me, force that cock down my throat until I can barely breathe, I’ll take it willingly. I am Alison, your Submissive redhead slut!

Horny Redhead Subbie Slut Ali

Deviant submissive, looking for someone to put this redheaded slut in her place

This fetish blog was posted by Alison.
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submissive slut

I truly love being told what to do. Often times I lie around and think about ways I can be used. When I’m not in a domination session or getting my ass whipped for bad behavior, I like to daydream about the perfect Sir coming along and making me his bitch. Really, I am as controllable as they come. I don’t have any qualms with dangerous or extreme fetishes, in fact, I prefer them. Getting smacked around and being used like the little fuck toy that I am is my ultimate turn-on…not that I matter.

Above all I exist to be your dirty little cumslut, your dirty secret that you keep locked away somewhere. I want to be the fucking whore you take out all of your worldly frustrations on. Have a perfect outfit you’d like me to wear?  I can go out and get it right now so I’ll be wearing it when you call. Your perfect obedient no limits sex slave is what I strive to be. So drop me an email to make special requests like that anytime… I want you to be real with me and I can take a heavy hand. I am ready and willing. Perform your darkest fantasies with me.

Alison your submissive slut.

Deviant submissive, looking for someone to put this redheaded slut in her place

This fetish blog was posted by Alison.
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Want to see my tight teen ass? I love to show it off. I want to show you my little butt in bubblegum pink lace panties. Will you get underneath and play with my bubblegum pink pussy too?

I know I have the tightest 18 year old ass and barely legal bald pussy. I’m always using that advantage toward more powerful and older men like you. I want you to use my like your teenage sex doll and have your way with me.

Not only do I want to be your no limits fuck doll, and let you take advantage of my tight teen ass, I want you to make me beg for it. Will you make me beg for you to use me and abuse me like a good little whore? Ha…

When it comes to phone sex and chat, I love anything goes and being shocked about what you put me through. I would love to call you “Daddy” and have you collar me and instruct me on how to be the perfect fucktoy to please you.

Anything Goes With My Tight Teen Ass

bubblegum pink pussy


Do you want to see what it’s like to play with a little girl like me? Then I think you should definitely check out my teen phone sex profile and give me a call.

I may be young but I’m always willing to try new things and love taboo. I love a man who can instruct me and show me the ways of being his good little girl. For some reason, when I’m pushed to my limits, I get really turned on. Just can’t help my mischievous nature!

Will you be the one that pushes me beyond the limits? I guess we’ll find out!

-Tiny Teen Tara

P.S. Follow me on my sexy google+ page for more news & updates on me and all my friends here at my new site!

tight teen ass

A little piece of tight ass.

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