Badge Bunny Fetish

Badge bunny tempts detective...


Why yes, I am a criminal, of the heart and mind… but that’s why you like me, isn’t it Detective? I could sense you had an attraction to me from the start, but not just for my looks… I think you had an attraction to me because you took a gaze through my eyes and saw the sinful fantasy world inside. In fact, I know you did… That’s why even though you have a lovely wife and a ring on your finger, and a big fancy house, it’s still not enough to satiate that passion. You have that burning drive in you. The art of sinning is wonderful that way. No matter how good you have it, you still crave chaos. There is temptation for even your most primitive passions, and you know very well that face you put on is a facade. You really crave a little badge bunny like me to steer you off the beaten “good-ol’-boy” path, don’t you?

Soft seductive breasts, big nipples

Your temptations are exactly why you desire me, Detective. It’s not just my beauty. You could have any woman you want, but instead you’re wanting a taste of me. You could have any perfectly pretty, but slightly dumb girl, but you choose me, the girl capable of home-wrecking your entire life. It’s because you know that deep inside my dark mind, there is so much more I’m hiding… You want inside of me. Something tells me you also like the position you have placed over me. You like that you have a little domination and control. It pleases you to have the power to my future, and the key to my restraints…

Bad Apple Ava

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