How about a taste of something sweet? That’s me. I’ve always been the teacher’s pet, the miss goody-two shoes. Sometimes doing everything by the “rule book” gets tiresome though. I mean, who made up those rules anyway? Who says I always have to be a good girl all the time? I can be sweet without having to waste away my teen years living some boring by-the-book life.

I have dreams, big dreams, and those dreams don’t include staying inside this small perfect little box everyone has placed me in. I’m tired of living in this small town with the same old people. What I really need is excitement in my life, away from this small town that doesn’t have much to offer me anyway. I have dreams of splitting town once and for all, going to the city one day, and living it up with my lifestyle.

Imagine all the experiences – big places, big restaurants, fine dining, the biggest names at all the biggest parties, the hottest and richest men. That’s the kind of life I see myself living. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a small town girl, but sometimes you have to set your sights higher. I could shackle up if I wanted to, but I can also see the world and taste everything.

Let’s be honest though, the taste of the fine life isn’t all that cheap. That’s pretty much how I found myself here. But don’t be mistaken, I’m not just a social climber, I’m the kind of girl who will give you a good night just for the fun of it. I’m the one that will do almost anything at all costs to get where I want to be in life…




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