They call me Noah. Little miss naughty & nice. Why do they call me that, you ask? Because I’m that good girl whose gone bad!

I grew up the little miss “goody two-shoes”, it was an image I had to keep up with to everyone. Especially my peers at school, my teachers, and my mother. On the outside, I was the perfect good girl, on the inside I was hiding many dark secrets…

Who knew these dark secrets almost better than me? Well my Father of course. We were close. He was the one who taught me the how to sin first! He was what made me, he always said I was his perfect little girl and that I was meant to be his.

We spent almost every day together until I had to leave to go to school, and he had to leave to go to work in another country. Every night that my mother wasn’t looking was spent with him in my bedroom holding me close, or his hands around my neck, pulling my hair from behind.

We had a special relationship that we now have no longer. Now that I am away in college, I am always craving the touch of my father, or an older more stronger man to take control of me. Now more than ever I crave to be touched, to be ravaged, to be put in my place by a man much older than me.

All while at school, my friends still think I am the perfect A student! But little do they know…

Noah x


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