Divine Enchantress Luna

I’m your Divine Enchantress Luna and I’ve been waiting to seduce you all day. 26, young, busty, dark, and twisted, I’m your goth girl next door. I am wicked in every way imaginable. I fantasize about how I want to be pleased and how I want to please you.Often I spend my days and nights dreaming of your moans, bending you over my lap and turning your ass purple.

You’re my very own sissy boi and I want to see your face flush all over. I am going to create a puddle in my arms out of you. I absolutely love the rush it gives me to be in charge. To let you know you are all mine, and I am completely in control of you. To have all of that power at my fingertips.

I bet you dream of tying me up and making me submissive to you, but I am in charge. You’ve never had a mistress like me before; someone confident enough to make you squirm. Maybe I’ll put you under my spell and you won’t be able to cum until my magic tongue says so. I’d have you on your knees begging me for more, more, more!

I could even tie your hands behind your back, or tie you to the bed and ride your face. Let you please me until you can barely breathe. I am far sexier than your wife would ever be, give your mistress the attention she deserves. Sweetie, I’d smother you in my boobs and bubbly ass. I want to control your cock and make sure you know it is mine as you are inside of me. Maybe I could peg you, instead. I can’t wait to hear from you, you’ll never find another bitch like me.


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