Ebony Diva Domme DenverEbony Diva Denver at your service, though it’s YOU who should be at service to me because I am a true Ebony Queen. I get whatever I want, no exceptions. You little white boy cucks will do whatever the fuck I say and when I say it. We got that clear?

If I say dress up like a slutty sissy bitch with heels, then you will say “How high of heels M’am?” And “How pink?” If I say get on your knees and worship this thick PHAT ass booty then you better get that tongue out and ready to be smothered.

You little white boys fall all over me but yall better know that little white boy dick aint shit LOL. My boyfriend fucks way better and harder than most of yall could ever dream. And I will make sure to make that clear from the very beginning. I am a Size Queen so remember that. If you aren’t big enough don’t even bother calling trying to front. The SECOND I hear a little white pipsqueak voice, you’re going to get your ass handed to you. Understand? Don’t make me tell you again.

Sensual Ebony Dominatrix Denver

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