Name: Mistress Carmella
Age: 21
S/D: Dominant Female
Kinks: Feminization, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Mistress Worship

Welcome to my domain of feminization phone chat and domination. The name is Mistress Carmella, and I’m so pleased that you have found your way here. 
Not only do I specialize in things like sissification training but also many other fetishes too. I don’t like to keep myself closed off from exploring the world of kink. I prefer to keep an open mind. One thing is for certain though: I am always the one in charge. No one tells me what to do and that’s just how it is! But I know you sissy bois and losers don’t mind. In fact, all of you crave a sexy Domme like me to control both you and what throbs between your legs. Make no mistake, I am the hot femme fatle of your dreams. The kind of woman you would do practically anything for…Maybe some of you out there need someone like me to help you find your inner woman (or slut). For others, perhaps it’s a bit of good ol’ fashioned humiliation, and using you as my personal pay pig. All you need to do is tell me why you’re here, and most importantly, what you can do for me.So… what CAN you do for me? Or are you just a loser who needs to be put back in line? Whatever the case, I will have you groveling at my feet. Don’t get it twisted, my pleasure always comes first. You are here to please me in whichever way I see fit. If you want to be my slave then you must prove yourself.Don’t say you want to be my slave and not expect to put in any effort. That won’t fly. The best way to get my attention is by sending tribute. You’re dealing with a real life Goddess. So treat Me as such. In return, I will make you my little servant. Oh, and I adore giving assignments once you’re my slave! I keep things fun and fresh while you serve Me. Speak to you soon, sissies and piggies.

feminization phone sex (forced)


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$2.oo USD per minute

$20.oo USD minimum purchase

Standard rates apply to all calls
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