I’m Ava Adore, the balance between all that is Good and Evil. I am a Phone Sex Temptress capable of fulfilling all your desires, however innocent or sadistic they may be. Welcome to my world & my freak show.

Tonight I will tempt you to have a taste of the dark side. Do you want to get inside this twisted mind of mine? Perhaps you think you do, but it’s best not to open this Pandora’s Box… Once you have a taste of Ava Adore you will be forever craving a taste of the dark side. 

But do you think you are just going to sin in pleasure, without any judgment, without any justice? You are so very wrong! You will be punished for partaking in every taste of that dark side. Like Eve having the taste of the forbidden fruit. You will give in to your sins with me. Then you will pay for those sins accordingly. You will repent…

So what do you desire? Go on, tell me now, I’m waiting! Tell me exactly what I need to do to make you Mine forever! Once you do have a chance to taste, I will be your new addiction.





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