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Did you know that we offer chat sessions as well? If you’re too shy for the phone then it’s no problem. I actually quite enjoy chatting through the computer. It can lead to some interesting conversations! What I really find exciting about it is when a guy is chatting to me while his wife or girlfriend is near. Like in the same room! How sneaky, right?

He’s on his computer while she watches tv. She isn’t thinking about how her man is sexting a teen girl. The woman doesn’t know what’s going on at all! I love being sneaky like that. Me and you can talk as dirty as we like while she’s oblivious to the whole thing. Do you want to go that far with me?

Private chat sessions can be set up by emailing me or catching me in the chat room!

cybering with sexy teen Makayla

Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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Kinky Anime Cosplay Bunny Slut

The other night Daddy had me dress up as the kinky anime version of a character from our favorite video game. I think I did a pretty good job, don’t you? Except for I added an extra special Tara “addition” to the cosplay outfit. Of course I had to include bunny ears and a bunny tail butt plug! I may be a bit of a “furry pet” inside but I can’t help it. I just love being collared and my ass plugged. Leashes and chains are great too, but that wouldn’t be so nice to do to such an innocent little bunny, or would it?

Role Play Phone Sex

If that kind of naughty stuff is what you like to do to little slut bunnies, then I don’t mind. I won’t tell anyone your secret! In fact, guys who love to torture little slut bunnies like me are perfect. Bring on the whips, the chains, the costumes and sexy outfits! I love it all. It’s just like being a Barbie Doll for Daddy and I think it’s so damn hot! But even more than that because barbie dolls you dress up, but you can dress me up in the naughtiest outfit you like and make me your fuck doll too! Like a real life blowup barbie.

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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professor student fantasy


The hottest professor student fantasy you’ve experienced in a while. You’ve been watching me in class for quite some time. I catch your eye and yet you try to look away like it was nothing. Trust me, it was never just “nothing”. There’s something on your mind and it’s of the dirty kind.

You still can’t seem to look away from me. So I sit there in my desk giving you a nice view in my short skirt. It makes you blush. You become flustered. I can see it on your face, hehe. I wouldn’t doubt that behind your desk you have to touch yourself. On exam days I get so excited because that’s when I really like to act out. I’m sure the last time we had an exam is still fresh on your mind.

I didn’t even pay you any attention. No eye contact. But I decided a short skirt and no panties were a good choice. I sat there in front of you spreading my legs here and there. I could feel your eyes on me. Still, my eyes stayed on my paper. But I’m quite sure I know what you were doing behind your desk, sir.

How about you show me what you were doing? I’m really curious!

Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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sexy secretary Felicity

 Who knew that I would turn out to be one sexy secretary! It’s another job I’ve taken recently. My boss is so fine too. I mean the man is older than me but he has these muscles that turn me on. I can see the outlines through his suit. When our eyes met for the first time I could tell a connection was made.

No, I haven’t been working at the place for long. But already quite a lot has happened. My new boss has been so kind to me, but a few days ago, things changed. Not in a bad way really. It’s just that I didn’t realize he was so brave and dominant!

One day I went into his office to hand him some important files. Then before I could wrap my mind around what was happening he asked me to walk over to his desk. Behind his desk, actually. My nerves weren’t so high. I was excited more than anything. I knew the day would come that he would literally want me in his office. Haha, I just didn’t think it would come so quickly! But I’m totally not complaining.

Soon as I walked over to him he told me to bend over the desk. Oh I knew we were about to have some dirty fun! He’s a married man too which makes it even dirtier. My pussy was soaking wet after he was done with his sexy secretary.


Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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