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Did you know that we offer chat sessions as well? If you’re too shy for the phone then it’s no problem. I actually quite enjoy chatting through the computer. It can lead to some interesting conversations! What I really find exciting about it is when a guy is chatting to me while his wife or girlfriend is near. Like in the same room! How sneaky, right?

He’s on his computer while she watches tv. She isn’t thinking about how her man is sexting a teen girl. The woman doesn’t know what’s going on at all! I love being sneaky like that. Me and you can talk as dirty as we like while she’s oblivious to the whole thing. Do you want to go that far with me?

Private chat sessions can be set up by emailing me or catching me in the chat room!

cybering with sexy teen Makayla

Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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Hey guys it’s Tara, your favorite little teen tart! Have you missed me? I know I’ve missed you guys. I’ve especially missed the touch of my Daddy!
Anyway, I just came on here to tell you about my new skype. I set it up so I could be able to take calls from guys internationally for the standard US rate and also so I could get IMs to set up calls. Please note that I am not there to do shows or to give you free chat, lol, so please keep that in mind! However, if you want to set up a call and give me a little details on what you want to talk about, or even if you would like an online chat session, you are welcome to send me a message there! I don’t even mind if you want to show me something on cam during our session so long as it’s not too bad! Add me there if you have a skype just so I can be on your buddy list too. That way you can see whenever I’m online and available to chat!

Even when I’m not on chat here you can still catch me for privates.
Chat with paid sessions only. Standard rates still apply. 

My skype username: tinyteentara_1

Add me on skype now and schedule an online session and receive 10 minutes free! With the purchase of 10 mins or more at $20. Just ask me for the private chat special. One time use only and ONLY for skype chat sessions!!

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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Session Rates

Standard Rates:

$2.oo USD per minute

$20.oo USD minimum purchase

Standard rates apply to all calls
Click to tribute or pay online.

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