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You touch yourself, we touch ourselves… does it get any better than that? Call one of our lovely ladies now for mutual masturbation phone sex & some fun you both can enjoy!

Hey guys, it’s Tara. How have you all been?! Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ve been enjoying a relaxing vacation over here. I’m all alone on this island and it feels like I have the whole place to myself, aside from the tourist workers and islanders. I’ve been hanging outside my balcony just enjoying myself. The weather is absolutely perfect here and there’s a lot of hot islanders surfing the beaches too. Other than the hot guys I just love that I have a whole balcony to myself overlooking the beach. I may be a bit of an exhibitionist but I can’t help that those hot surfer guys have been making me extremely horny as well.

I know I’m up high so no one could really see unless they were looking for me, but the thought of being completely topless and touching myself up here sounds amazing. The thought of us doing it together sounds even better! I would love to relax on the phone with you and pleasure myself from all the way up here on my balcony. Maybe if others are looking, we can turn up the heat and do a little public performance for them too. After all, I won’t be here on this island for ever so I’d like to make the most of it.

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation with Felicity

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love touching myself over the phone. Doing it with you while we talk nasty gets me really wet. More often than not my panties quickly become damp. The big wet spot on my panties is a clear sign that I need to fuck myself immediately.

We can always talk about anything. I love hearing all about the filthy things you would love to do to me. I bet you want to do something to me right now. So tell me what it is! My panties are ready to come off. Or I can just pull them to the side and start rubbing my cute pussy.

Tell me every naughty thing that is lingering on your mind. 

Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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dildo play

It looks like I’ll be doing more dildo play for you guys! Now that my new toy is here I’m more than ready to use it. One of my loyal callers gifted it to me actually. You can’t go wrong with gifting a nice sex toy to a girl hahaha.

Honestly I would love to use it for you. I already used it tonight and it’s given me some lovely orgasms. Would you like to listen to me fuck myself while you jerk your cock? You won’t regret it. You might actually want to fuck this barely legal pussy even more after I squirt hard for you! It’s one of those suction dildos so I can put it on the wall and fuck myself harder. I can ride it hard like a nasty fucking girl!

Come play with lolita slut Romi. 1-888-543-3106

Still in school

This fetish blog was posted by Romi.
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Hey guys, I’m so horny right now. Does anyone want to masturbate with me tonight? I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just say it. I just really want to talk to someone on the phone right now so we can masturbate together. I have all kinds of toys and I’m just looking to get really kinky! If you’re looking for a real horny girl to talk with then please please call my number 858.365.0443.

If you’re reading this and stroking your big hard dick then I want to know. I love when all eyes are on me. I would love to join you even more, so don’t cum without me!! Call me and let’s cum together!


A Taste of Tiffany

This fetish blog was posted by Tiffany.
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