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Jerk Off Instruction (JOI) Phone Sex is an experience. You are guided what to do by a sexy woman who knows how to make you have a mind-blowing orgasm.

A controlling but sexy cocktease can both excite and frustrate you. Just face it that you love surrendering yourself to someone as beautiful as me. In the end you can’t resist this so stop trying. It’s you who has lost and it’s me who has prevailed. So from now on I own your cock. It’s me who does the controlling. This is now your reality. It’s what is best for you!

With my sweet sounding voice I will lure you in deeper and deeper. You will obey this Princess even if that means you suffer along the way. Suffering can be good though. It can lead to a mind-altering orgasm. Or perhaps I will be in a very bratty mood and give you orgasm denial instead. We haven’t even talked about ruined orgasms yet. Who knows what will happen! I don’t like to make things so predictable, you know?

There is plenty of experience coming from me. When it comes to cock control, humiliation, and even sensual JOI… I know how to do it all. I do it with confidence because I really am a confident girl. Are you ready to experience my cock control? This is a real Princess you’re dealing with now. Be ready to completely surrender.

Say Yes to Princess!

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sensual domination session

 Here I will give you a sensual domination session that you won’t forget about anytime soon. I know how to make guys like you tremble to the core. You obviously like what you see… I could have my way with you however I please. Let’s not pretend that you’re some tough guy. Maybe you are around others… But not around me. I’m sure you would adore a woman like me taking control of your cock. Both my words & voice will make you ache in such a pleasant way.

 There’s no forgetting about me after I’m through. I know how to be sensual and make you feel so damn good. Why would you want to forget about that? A sensual domination session is a great way to explore your fantasies and dirty mind. I will dominate you in ways that are so erotic and sexy. All you have to do is tell me why you’re here. Tell me what you’re aching for tonight. I will make it happen.

Eventually all that teasing and aching is going to make you burst. But you’re going to ask Miss Carmella permission to cum. You can do that for me. I know you can. So I look forward to our little adventure. See you soon.

Beautiful Young Domme

This fetish blog was posted by Carmella.
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Many of you know I’m a taboo teacher, but that’s not all I’m capable of! Actually, I’m training in erotic massage therapy too. After much convincing from a girlfriend of mine, I figured I would join her on her erotic massage therapy business. Since I have the perfect figure and the mind, I was perfect for the job.

Truthfully, we don’t work for just any old rub and tug shop! We work online, and we do in calls and out calls much like an escort. When a guy finds our ad online, he will give us a call and we will meet up with him either in a specified location or a classy 5-star hotel room. Then we continue with a full body session finished off with a happy ending experience.

Erotic Massage Therapy Fantasies

Lately, a few of my phone clients have taken an interest in this pursuit of mine. I have learned to incorporate what I’ve learned at massage school and have applied it to my JOI sessions. I can instruct you on how to pleasure yourself to your maximum capabilities while you let your mind go wild with your massage therapist fantasies. You can actually become a part of my journey and enjoy a relaxing experience every moment we speak.

Sinful School Teacher

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teen joi session princess

 There’s this new piggy who really enjoys my JOI sessions. The first time he called my line he was practically in tears just begging me to use & control him. His 3 inches of nothing was hard as can be and dripping. I know, sounds so terribly pathetic, right?! Well in that moment I couldn’t help but laugh at him. I let out this roaring laughter and by then I couldn’t hang up the phone. I wanted to see how far I could push him before he would lose his mind & load.

bratty joi lover

 This particular loser was extremely eager to hear the next sentence coming from my lips. There he was in a hypnotic submissive state waiting for my every word. With every command, taunt, and giggle, I had him lured deep into my web. Unfortunately, I must remind you of his 3 inches… The pervert kept saying it’s so small and embarrassing to look at. Um, NO SHIT! No one would ever be proud of owning something so weak and useless.

To be honest, I really didn’t think he was worthy of cumming. Why should he cum? Sure he was pretty entertaining due to the secondhand embarrassment. I still knew the right thing to do to this filthy pig though… May I remind you I can be a very mean Princess! I gave him the biggest blue balls of his life. This Princess is NOT that easy. Let’s hope you can handle it.

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Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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