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Birthday Cake for Hot Curvy Phone Sex Goddess Lizzie

Get this cake from your HOT Curvy Goddess Lizzie!

Today is a special day! It’s my birthday. This is the best day ever because I get to make this day all about ME! My favorite person of ALL! Yes, I am a bit vain but for good reason. I know what I have to offer is more priceless than gold. My birthday is the best because that’s when everyone cums together to worship me and buy me gifts! I’m more than spoiled, and still couldn’t get enough! Thank you to all the slaves that sent me amazon gift cards today for the special occasion. It’s also not too late for YOU to show your appreciation too by sending an amazon giftcard to my email naughtymisslizzie@gmail.com. (Other email gift cards are welcomed as well, like Victoria’s Secret.)

Today I will be out and about, having a lot more fun than you. However, if you are still a desperate and needy slave vying my attention, you are still welcomed to call me at my NEW vanity number 1-908-69MSLIZ for a little ignore-line action. That’s right, call me NOW and get ignored if you want to be reminded of how special you are NOT loser. I can even expose you to all my friends tonight! Or you can text me at my vanity number 1-908-69MSLIZ to set up a call BY APPOINTMENT TODAY ONLY!) If you are lucky, you might even get a piece of this cake tonight! -Lizzie

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