It’s been a very eventful week for me here in Jizz junkie land! I had a spring break trip to Miami Florida and it was fucking spectacular! I was hanging out at one of the hotel clubs alone one night when some guys approached me at the bar. They offered to buy me a drink and I thought, why the hell not? Well things got a little heated from there. Once they knew I was completely wasted drunk they asked me if I wanted to go back to their room. With as hot as they were, I couldn’t say no.

Once we got back to their room they gave me a few more drinks and started to surround me like a pack of dogs. I could feel their hands start to take hold of me and each wanted a piece for themselves. I was shoved down to my knees while they all pulled out their huge cocks. One by one they took turns throat fucking my face until my mascara was running down my cheeks! I was basically in tears from how hard and rough they throat fucked me. Even though I was wrecked completely by their cocks they made sure to finish what they started. One by one they surrounded me taking turns cumming all over my face. I opened my mouth wide to catch every last drop and swallow it. They made sure I was covered. There was cum in my hair, in my eyes, running down my lips, it was everywhere! And it made me feel like such a good fucking whore!

Cum Junkie Jessi

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Seduction with Lexi 720-893-0881

Maybe you thought I didn’t know how to do seduction like this. Well you were definitely wrong! I love seducing men and making them all mine. I don’t have to be obnoxious about it. I can work my way into any man’s life – taken or not. If I set my eyes on a particular guy then I’m going to eventually have my way with him. Do you think I’m joking? If I really want I could have any man of my choice. I know how to act sweet and then lead him into my almost hypnotic seduction. Well I shouldn’t say “almost” because it really is hypnosis!

You might think I’m not the kind of girl who would know anything about that. Again, you would be wrong. If you’re feeling brave enough then come and try me. I will happily make you ALL mine.

Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

This fetish blog was posted by Lexi.
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It’s true, I love my friends! They are the best. One of my best friends actually used to be my worst enemy but it turns out we were a lot more alike than we were different. We were both lesbians with an attraction for each other, hah, secretly… but we both repressed it instead. We spent years of school time bullying each other and picking on each other, but really the whole time I knew she wanted me and this sexy body!

One day I finally had enough and I decided to confront her about her bs. She tried to act all tough and hardass at first but I could tell it was all just an act! That moment I just shoved her down and started making out with her. She tried to fight it off at first but she was loving it. It didn’t take too long before I could soften her up and get her to show me what she really feels about me!

We spent that whole day making out and were inseparable since. To be honest we were really young when we first got together, so we did a lot of growing up together too! Oh yes, I can remember it just like yesterday, throwing private little competitions to see who could fuck the most guys in high school. Showing ourselves off in public, even calling phone sex lines to talk to all the hot guys! To think we were being nasty for being such young ones lol.

We were such trouble makers, but in the end we really hit it off. Now we do everything like sharing guys and boyfriends together. A whole lot more too, so maybe if you’re lucky some of you will hear all about it… 

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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It would turn me on so much if you did CEI with me. It’s really naughty and yes maybe a little nasty too. Although I think if you’re willing to do it then I think it will be fun for both of us! Don’t be one of those guys who is too chicken shit to even try a little taste. I can’t deal with that!

You’re talking to royalty here. So you better obey me or get out of my face, sweetie. Now are you ready to play dirty with me or not? I want to tease you so your yummy cum keeps building up in your balls. You should know by now why I would want to do this.

Build up a sticky load for me. It would get me really hot if you did whatever I said. That includes CEI of course! That’s what I want most of all right now. Let’s get nasty. Have a taste for Princess Makayla.



Say Yes to Princess!

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smoking fetishDo you have a smoking fetish? I admit that I love having a good smoke! I think you know the kind that I’m talking about. Where I live I can find some really awesome stuff.  Bud isn’t hard to come across around here at all. I have some pretty great hook ups too. So it quite literally is at my fingertips. I smoke after school but I’ll even smoke in the morning before school. I don’t give a fuck!

No one has said anything to me yet. No teacher or classmate. So I keep doing what I want. But for tonight I don’t have to worry about shit! It’s Saturday and I’m ready to party. Let’s have some fun. I’ve got enough good stuff for your smoking fetish.

Still in school

This fetish blog was posted by Romi.
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BBC Phone Sex with Jessi 1-661-527-1335 You know I love you baby, but I love that big black cock more. I’m sorry baby.. my white pussy couldn’t help going without that for too long! We can still fuck though, right? You know I love your cock too, I just like black cock way more. The way it feels GOD it’s so fucking good and makes me cum… but this blog is about you baby, not bbc phone sex which is what our relationship has come down to anyway. Though maybe if you’re lucky you might get a pic of me fucking and sucking my new black boyfriend! I’m just kidding. That would be so cruel of me to deny you from at least seeing this pussy for too long. I won’t be cruel like that baby, I promise. You know I’ll always sext you pics of us because I know you’ll really miss this white pussy now that I’m fucking my new bf. Probably way more than I ever fucked you in our entire relationship. It’s ok though because you know I’ll always come back to give you some of this pussy in secret, right after I’ve fucked him and let him cum inside me!


Your Nigger Dick Loving Whore


Cum Junkie Jessi

This fetish blog was posted by Jessi.
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Let it be clear that it is Me who is the one in complete control here. I’m the more intelligent one of us two and I have the Power to completely ruin you. Yes, all it takes is just a little press of a button and everything could be gone just like that. That’s why it’s important not to mess with The Mistress unless you want to get burned! The speed at which you could lose everything is at an all time high…

The ones who think they are in control make me laugh. It’s so obvious that they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s clear to me that they are a bit fearful of my power and capabilities. I have control over them and their whole life, even their finances, and that thought terrifies them more than anything.

It’s fun being in complete control of pathetic little losers like you though, I won’t lie. Your Obsession with me is classic… prime entertainment for me. Watching you kneel at my feet while I walk all over you gives me ultimate pleasure…

What I love more than anything is seeing you squirm under my heels… You might try to get away, but the fact is you’re mine now. & I will be the one to finish you once and for all!

Sinful School Teacher

This fetish blog was posted by Lizzie.
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Hey guys, I’m so horny right now. Does anyone want to masturbate with me tonight? I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just say it. I just really want to talk to someone on the phone right now so we can masturbate together. I have all kinds of toys and I’m just looking to get really kinky! If you’re looking for a real horny girl to talk with then please please call my number 858.365.0443.

If you’re reading this and stroking your big hard dick then I want to know. I love when all eyes are on me. I would love to join you even more, so don’t cum without me!! Call me and let’s cum together!


A Taste of Tiffany

This fetish blog was posted by Tiffany.
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Evil Indulgences - Sinful Sexual FantasiesWhat is Evil? Where did it come from? Why is it that something so pleasurable has to be considered so wrong? Well who gives a gives a fuck, God Dammit! I love sin. We are all sinners anyway, so why not take care of our sick needs?

In the beginning Adam & Eve were given to opportunity to taste sin and do you think they passed up the chance? Hell no! There’s just something too inviting about the taste of sin. To me, it tastes delicious, like the taste of flesh!

The flesh of the Forbidden Fruit has never been so inviting. You are invited to taste it with me, that is if you dare dive to this part of the dark side… Be forewarned however; once you go, you never return!

Bad Apple Ava

This fetish blog was posted by Ava Adore.
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Tight Teen with a Young VoiceDo you like young sexy voices? Well I love playing roles that involve just that! I know my young voice drives a lot of guys crazy. They love that I sound so tiny. They always come up with the craziest role plays too. Since I am an “anything goes” kind of girl, they always try to test my limits to see what I can handle. Little do they know I’m pretty naughty so it’s not that easy to shock me, though I’ve definitely come close. Especially when I play those very intense roles! Some of my callers really love when I do those forbidden “anything goes” kinds of role plays. They make me scream & cry and really feel the pain! They use my little young voice to act out their desires, so much so that it’s like the real thing.  1-844-447-551

A little piece of tight ass.

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