I don’t mind if men take an upskirt peek. It excites me teasing men in such tiny little skirts. That’s why I wear them, especially out on a windy day.  I try to play it innocent, but truth is I am showing off for those pervy voyeurs out there. Get a good look and take a picture, and don’t forget to frame it!

When I watch upskirt porn videos I get pretty excited, I must admit. Seeing unsuspecting innocent teen girls getting exposed secretly by perverted men gets me so wet. It makes me wonder how many times they have had their way at watching me when I had no idea too!

Upskirt teasing, upskirt porn in schoolgirl skirt.

Now days I don’t even take the time to wonder anymore tho because I like to go out on the beach and experience it for myself. I wear the skimpiest school girl skirt possible and make sure to wear a tiny pair of panties too. I purposefully go out on the shore where the tourists are taking pictures and get in the shot.

All eyes focused on me is how it should be. When I get naked I want the whole side of the bay to see this tight ass. Be honest, would you be able to stop staring at me? I don’t think so, I’m like the pervert’s teen dream!


A little piece of tight ass.

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I know a lot of my little panty boys love lace! It’s much more feminine feeling than panties like boy shorts. A pair of see through lace panties is exactly what a true sissy needs to go all the way. Full feminization starts when you put on a pair of these panties and submit to your Mistress. I can tease your small penis in them too. I bet they’d feel more like a clit than a tiny dick in a pair of panties like these. I’ll put you in a 2 sizes too tight bra and stuff it so you can feel what it’s like to have some luscious big tits too. All is possible when you submit to me, your feminization Mistress. If you don’t submit willfully, I just might have to take control with force! Which way are you going to take it?

Sexy Goth Princess

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petite brunette slut

I sure am a pretty petite thing, yeah? A pretty fuck toy that is so small but perfect. My body and this pussy are super tight. I love being called a spinner too. You know, like a guy could easily throw me onto his lap then spend me around. He could just do whatever he wanted because I’m that tiny!

Watch me be turned into a real life fuck toy. I’m like your little doll that you can do anything with! I want to show you how much fun we can have together. I’m so light that you could easily pick me up and drill me. I think that sounds like something that should happen really soon.

My tight pussy is getting wet and so I think I need to cum soon too. Wanna cum with me? I want to be the petite slut who makes blow your load harder than ever. 


Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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White sluts sucking black dick

Nothing makes my heart sing quite like black dick. When I see a big one, my panties get instantly wet. I would do anything to please a BBC. No matter how he treats me! I swear, he could even treat me rough and I’d probably still be horny as fuck and cum everywhere. My friends know I’ll pretty much do anything for BBC. The power it has over me is too great to resist. The way it fills me up inside is just the icing on top of that cream-filled double chocolate cake. That’s how I’d like to be right about now too. Mmm, I could spend my whole life sandwiched in between two black guys having them creaming inside me. Sure, not exactly everyone’s idea of romance, but for me I call that true BBC love!

Cum Junkie Jessi

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Hey guys, it’s Tara. How have you all been?! Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ve been enjoying a relaxing vacation over here. I’m all alone on this island and it feels like I have the whole place to myself, aside from the tourist workers and islanders. I’ve been hanging outside my balcony just enjoying myself. The weather is absolutely perfect here and there’s a lot of hot islanders surfing the beaches too. Other than the hot guys I just love that I have a whole balcony to myself overlooking the beach. I may be a bit of an exhibitionist but I can’t help that those hot surfer guys have been making me extremely horny as well.

I know I’m up high so no one could really see unless they were looking for me, but the thought of being completely topless and touching myself up here sounds amazing. The thought of us doing it together sounds even better! I would love to relax on the phone with you and pleasure myself from all the way up here on my balcony. Maybe if others are looking, we can turn up the heat and do a little public performance for them too. After all, I won’t be here on this island for ever so I’d like to make the most of it.

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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This is for the ones who adore young feet.

sexy young feet

If you’re still reading this then I know you’re one of them. Or are you to shy to admit it? Maybe you don’t want to call it a “fetish”. Maybe it’s more like a “fascination” to you. Hey, it’s okay to be attracted to sexy young feet! I can even appreciate them when I see them. I’m totally one of those girls who always keeps hers looking nice. You know like getting pedicures done regularly. I never let the nail polish chip either. I can’t stand that look!

Plus I’m always making sure to put lotion on them before bed too.  That way I wake up with super smooth soles and it’s just the best feeling! Sometimes I wonder if some of my male teachers pay attention to my young feet. Just take a look at mine. What do you think? Sexy high school girl feet, yes please!

Still in school

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Party girl Lexi here saying HEY! Happy 420! There’s no doubt that I’m staying high as fuck all day. I’ve been partying hard on this date since before jr high probably. I love smoking those wonderful green buds often, especially on this day more than ever. This is the day that I go ALL OUT. I hope you want to join me for a smoke session and maybe something more!

You can sit back and relax while I roll one up for us. Or we can use my great big b0ng to get us high as hell. Whatever you choose, we’re gonna have a fucking blast! I want to get completely intoxicated on the green with you.

Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

This fetish blog was posted by Lexi.
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Uh-oh! Sir caught me smoking…

I was raised to be a sweet, demure, submissive girl, and I am.. mostly. I love to submit to your desires like a good girl, but sometimes I’m bad on purpose.. I just love to be punished! I love being treated like the filthy slut I am. Spanking, bondage, choking, you name it, I crave it. I’m feeling bratty and that weed made me so horny, how will you punish me?



Deviant submissive, looking for someone to put this redheaded slut in her place

This fetish blog was posted by Alison.
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So your cock or “clitty” is caged. Now what? Well that is up for me to decide and for you to find out… Eventually.

You might be wondering if I will tease you endlessly. Maybe I will bring you so close to finishing but then I pull back.  Taking that pleasure away from you. Maybe I’ll be that nasty to you. Or maybe with a stroke of luck I’ll allow you the hottest pleasure of  cumming.

But that won’t be happening just yet because you MUST stay caged longer. I want you in chastity for quite a while. You can’t work your way out of this situation. I’m not going to let you squirt. But I will be teasing you while you wish to get fully hard and cum.

Tell me what you will do just to have your orgasm.

Beautiful Young Domme

This fetish blog was posted by Carmella.
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Ball Busting Bitch Boys is my specialty. Do you think you can handle extreme phone sex torture like this?

Little bitch boys are so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to wring their little necks out and make them pay for being such pathetic perverts. That’s why I’m holding nothing back with my ball busting phone sex sessions now! Any bitch boys think they can boss around a Dominatrix like me must be fooling themselves. You can’t escape my grasp no matter how hard you try. The harder you try the more your balls won’t make it out alive. Got that clear? Yes, I’m not talking about just ball busting anymore you scared little bitch. I’m talking about extreme CBT now! If you don’t listen, your balls are really going to pay, so you better just let me put on my steel toe combat boots and kick you in the nards right now! Hahahha. And you better let me enjoy it because this is for MY entertainment! Satisfy me now loser!



Sexy Goth Princess

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