Small Penis Humiliation

It’s true, I know the truth about why you crave the smaller more “petite” girls. You think I don’t know, but believe me, I know for a fact that penis is about 4 inches long. Lol. You think you could have ever pleased me with that thing? Keep dreaming. You’re too small and you know very well you couldn’t, and that’s why you’ve always been too afraid to make a move on me.

sph phone sex for small dicks

You think you have me fooled, but I have you all figured out. You’d probably take it up the arse in any other world where your ego wasn’t in the way. Actually, you probably secretly do now, you just act like you’re into girls to further try to fool yourself of your true ways.

It’s ok though, I’m here to help bring you awareness of those things…

Let Miss Lizzie teach you about what you already know,
ya small knobbed phony!


Sinful School Teacher

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