Obedient Sex Slaves

submissive slut

I truly love being told what to do. Most days I lie around and think about ways I can be used. When I’m not in a domination session or getting my ass whipped for bad behavior, I like to daydream about the perfect Sir coming along and making me his bitch. I am as controllable as they come. Actually, I don’t have any qualms with dangerous or extreme fetishes, in fact, I prefer them. Getting smacked around and being used like the little fuck toy that I am is my ultimate turn-on…not that I matter.

Above all I exist to be your dirty little cumslut, your dirty secret that you keep locked away somewhere. I want to be the fucking whore you take out all of your worldly frustrations on. Have a perfect outfit you’d like me to wear?  I can go out and get it right now so I’ll be wearing it when you call. Your perfect obedient no limits sex slave is what I strive to be. Drop me an email to make special requests like that anytime… I want you to be real with me and I can take a heavy hand. I am ready and willing. Perform your darkest fantasies with me.

Alison your submissive slut.

The submissive deviant

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