Humiliation Mistress

I am your Discipline Fantasy Goddess. Once you’ve had a single call with me you’ll know what it’s like to have spoken to a real woman in control. There are very simple steps in which to become one of my pets. Number one, don’t waste my time. When my indicator says I am available, I am here to take your call. But only if you are ready to serve me. I want you to have your toys, your outfits, any other “playthings” handy when you dial me up because we are going to get down to work!

I don’t know if you’ve participated in being humiliated before but I tell it like it is. There isn’t anything you can hide from me, my sweet little sissy. Number two, you must always honor your Goddess. When you are serious about sensual domination and discipline fantasy, you get the most out of each and every session.

I am here to teach you, instruct you, control your every move…I want you to completely submit to me and be my slave. My very attentive slave, “Sasha” is what he/she likes to go by… and they regularly send me pics of themselves dressed in their sexiest outfits in public places, emails detailing their scandalous provocative behavior in between calls as well as receipts from sultry purchases on their way. The more you play with me, the more we will be able to anticipate one another’s needs. I expect consistent updates and check-in’s from my pets. Don’t keep me waiting for long, I am available by appointment at or if my indicator is on – -@ 1-888-548-8574. I look forward to playing with you.
Disciple Fantasy Goddess BDSM

Femme Domme Fatale

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Some of you perverts are so into the tights & leggings fetish. I’m not complaining by any means! I actually enjoy knowing that I can rile up so many of you by simply wearing something so tight. Really, it puts a smirk on my face when I hear one of you say that you can’t stop thinking about me in a hot pair of leggings.tights fetish phone sex

All I want to do is tease the ever-living hell out of you. Not like it’s really that difficult anyway when you’re practically frothing at the mouth! Just like the horny dog that you are… Pathetic. We could have so much fun though, couldn’t we? Well I know that I could anyway! Because I am the type who gets off on humiliating perverts like yourself. You can watch me all you want in my tights but don’t think I’m going to let you fuck me. No, you’re just here to be MY bitch. I want to tease you and make you beg as I was show off my body in these hot leggings.

It sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it? I know you want to watch me. I know you want to be my dirty little slave so I can tease you endlessly until you’re begging for a release. What’s awesome is that you can often catch me in a pair of leggings! A girl adores her yoga pants too, ya know. So I hope that turns you on knowing that you’re likely talking to me while I wear them over the phone. But you? Being turned on by something as little as that?! Totally hard to believe, LOL.

tease in tights

So dial my direct number and I will make you my slave. I hope you realize you’re in for a long and crazy ride. Once you call me then I pretty much own your cock and balls. That’s how it goes when you’re into things like the tights & leggings fetish!

Aim is CarmellaMonte

Beautiful Young Domme

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