Daddys Girl

     So, I’ve been holding back this little secret of mine for quite some time, there was a year I became a babysitter.  I know that doesn’t sound like too much, but I started having the biggest crush on my client.  I knew he was way too old for me, but the way he looked at me just sent shivers down my entire body.  He always called me his sweet girl; I knew how inappropriate it was, but I couldn’t help but love it!  The man was dominant, handsome, and I’m sure he would have been able to lift me with one hand.  Every time I looked at him I wanted to just be daddy’s girl and be a puddle in his hands.  I knew he wouldn’t go for it because he saw me as his employee.

    I started doing babysitter phone sex in his house once the kids were asleep.  I wished he would walk in on me and get on to me for being bad.  There was a night he walked in on me and I could immediately see the disappointment in his face.  I threw myself at him, kissed him, begged him to have me; I told him all of the fantasies I had had about him being my daddy.  He threw me out and told me to never come back, but I can’t quit thinking about him.  Would anyone want to do some calls with me?  I promise you I’d be a good girl, I just really want daddy to punish me for what I’ve done.   I wanted him to spank me, to see me, to let me know just how bad I really am. 



Sweet & Obedient

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