Student-Teacher Fantasies

student-teacher fantasies - phone sex educationStudent-Teacher Fantasies are actually very common. For example, have you ever been hot for a teacher or student? Many of us have.

Here are some posts from our girls who have experience with the Student-Teacher Relationship. When in the realms of taboo phone sex, our hot phone sex girls love to play out any Student-Teacher Fantasy

Here comes the sexy coed seductress you never knew you needed until now. The first time I walked into your classroom I knew you would be fun to seduce. Your eyes locked on me and ever since then I’ve caught you staring on multiple occasions. Never do I make a fuss though. It just goes to show that I obviously stir something up inside you. Something that makes you “itch” you might say.


sexy coed temptress

Slowly through the semester I’ve been working my way into your life. Often I ask for help. I chat with you before and after class. Of course I also wear those outfits that seem to keep catching your eye! The more I’m friendly the more you become comfortable around me. This is exactly what I want. It’s only a matter of time before you’re helping me with homework by the fire with a glass of champagne. That thought alone excites you and we both know it. Just reading these words makes you squirm in your chair behind your desk. You could definitively say it excites me too. Bonus points if you’re reading this while we’re in class. That would make you a naughty professor! It’s getting to that point, isn’t it? Soon you’ll be finding yourself inviting me over to your place. Get the fire going and champagne ready.


Kinky COED Felicity

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Bitch Don’t Speak… shush that stupid little mouth of yours because I’m about to teach you a lesson or two about Talking in My clasroom.

What I really want to do is simple, easy… to shut that blabbering mouth once and for all. So you know what I want to do next?
Ahh, yes… I want to make you listen.

First, I’m going to take that pretty little mouth of yours and tape it shut, nice and tight! Then I’m going to draw a little smiley face over it, because why not? Put a smile on that face or else I’m gonna get sick of looking at it.

Then I’m gonna sit your ass down, tie those legs and those arms because you’re not going to need them anymore, not for this…

Out comes a knife, freshly sharpened and shiny! Could do a lot of damage with that knife, don’t you think? Such a pretty little knife might look gorgeous next to your skin… mmm, red from the blood dripping cuts would look best.

But nah, I won’t chop up my little lamb just yet! No. I have something more special in planned. She’s gonna make me a pretty penny and be my fuck doll.

Instead of cutting into my new piece of cake, instead I’m gonna take that knife to cut off all her clothes. She’s not going to need them now because I went every part of that whore accessible. I want to be able to have my way with every part of her.

 dont speak dominant lesbian teacher

Then I’m gonna go through my list and call some of my Clients who are known to purchase a little more than just a night out. Surely there’s someone to help make use of this big-mouthed whore around this god forsaken town.

Oh look! A call… and from who? Someone you should be very excited about little whore. It’s my very special friend and I can’t wait to introduce him to you.

Since he’s on his way over, we’re going to have to make a good impression on him. You’re gonna have to be able to take him at moment’s notice. Don’t worry though, we’ll make sure to take LOTS of care of that body of yours.

Oh no.. a knock on the door. Guess who, whore?
It’s your worst nightmare!

accomplice phone sex

Dominant Teacher Miss Lizzie
Get 20 for 30.00 ~ ask me about it!

Sinful School Teacher

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During the last hour of class today, I had a particularly bad student who wouldn’t shush their bratty mouth! Class Dismissed- EARLY! It was time to learn a lesson and be Miss Lizzie’s Bitch.

Little did this one know what I had in store for them. Once class was over, I shooed all the other students away until I could get them alone with me. Once I got them alone, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I’d have my way with them…

class dismissed - horny teacher

First, I made my naughty student open their mouth so they could get mouthful of my nice, big natural DDs!
“Don’t be shy! Put them into your mouth and suck on them, play with your tongue” I instructed them.

You should’ve seen the look on their face! It was obvious they had never even touched a pair of huge tits, let alone had them in their mouth. I could tell by the way they were looking at me, they were willing to do anything to see the rest of me.

I smiled, looked up at them and said…
“Close your eyes now and open your mouth if you want to taste!”
I knew they wanted me bad!

They opened their mouth, closed their eyes peaking a little bit, and I pulled my panties down to my knees. I wanted to give them a mouthful of this juicy tight pussy!

My horny student stuck out their tongue like a good bitch and let me bury my pussy in their face. It felt so good and I really couldn’t stop myself, even though they had trouble breathing there! I made sure they licked me good to make it worth it…

Once they buried their tongue deep in my cunt, I couldn’t stop myself from squirting all over their face. Yes, I was way too into it and got off a bit early, but I wasn’t quite through with them yet.

After I had them take my cum, I bent them over and gave them a few spanks with my paddle.
“One for being a little shit, two for making class get dismissed early, and three for eating me out like a champion… Next time, I’m going to have my fucking way with you! Got it?”

Horny Teacher Miss Lizzie
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student teacher phone sex

Sinful School Teacher

This fetish blog was posted by Lizzie.
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