Financial Domination

What is Financial Domination? It’s a fetish for having your money and other assets controlled by someone Greedy and Dominant.

Daddy knows very well that I’m a bratty girl. But we both know how much he loves my bratty attitude! I love seducing him and making him do whatever my heart desires.

bratty girl

His cock gets so hard just by knowing how much of a PRINCESS I really am. Like I definitely enjoy the finer things in life. That’s why I need a Daddy like him in my life. He makes his money just to satisfy me. I love knowing that each hour he spends working means the money he makes will go straight to me. I’m milking him for his money and he has no qualms about it!

Sugar Daddies like him make my pussy so wet. Do you know why? Because their money gets me wet! I love putting men like him in a trance and taking every cent they have. I always get my way and Daddy knows it. That’s why he keeps coming back because he just can’t stay away from me.

So maybe you want to be another Sugar Daddy of mine, hmm? Well it’s not like I’m going to say no… But you must prove yourself. What all will you do for your spoiled baby girl? Thanksgiving is coming and I want to have a pretty pedicure AND manicure. If you’re a real Daddy with money then you know what to do next…

Call me so I can seduce you. 888-542-5810

Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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paypig bitch

My ATM slave is so pathetic! He grovels at my feet with his little dick as hard as a rock. All I can do is laugh when I see him in such a pathetic state… which is nearly ALL the damn time! Oh yeah, he can’t get enough of me treating him like the little paypig slave he is. It’s what he deserves. My slave works hard at his job earning money just to spend it all on his beautiful Mistress.

What more could the piggy want in life? He needs to be used. I take his wallet and do whatever I please. It’s not like he can resist me anyway. Being degraded and used like the ATM bitch he is makes his fucking day. So as I extract his money I make him do other humiliating things while I’m at it. It could be making him wear panties or forcing him to dildo himself. Or spank himself raw. Oh it could be many things or all of the above! Whatever I’m in the mood to make him do he does it. That’s what a good piglet does for their real life Goddess. I make that slut work hard just to spend every dime on me. Like I said, it’s what he deserves! And he knows I deserve that $$$ hahaha. You could become my ATM slave too, if you dare.

See you soon, piglet. Oink oink. 805-222-6803

Beautiful Young Domme

This fetish blog was posted by Carmella.
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Some of you perverts are so into the tights & leggings fetish. I’m not complaining by any means! I actually enjoy knowing that I can rile up so many of you by simply wearing something so tight. Really, it puts a smirk on my face when I hear one of you say that you can’t stop thinking about me in a hot pair of leggings.tights fetish phone sex

All I want to do is tease the ever-living hell out of you. Not like it’s really that difficult anyway when you’re practically frothing at the mouth! Just like the horny dog that you are… Pathetic. We could have so much fun though, couldn’t we? Well I know that I could anyway! Because I am the type who gets off on humiliating perverts like yourself. You can watch me all you want in my tights but don’t think I’m going to let you fuck me. No, you’re just here to be MY bitch. I want to tease you and make you beg as I was show off my body in these hot leggings.

It sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it? I know you want to watch me. I know you want to be my dirty little slave so I can tease you endlessly until you’re begging for a release. What’s awesome is that you can often catch me in a pair of leggings! A girl adores her yoga pants too, ya know. So I hope that turns you on knowing that you’re likely talking to me while I wear them over the phone. But you? Being turned on by something as little as that?! Totally hard to believe, LOL.

tease in tights

So dial my direct number and I will make you my slave. I hope you realize you’re in for a long and crazy ride. Once you call me then I pretty much own your cock and balls. That’s how it goes when you’re into things like the tights & leggings fetish!

Aim is CarmellaMonte

Beautiful Young Domme

This fetish blog was posted by Carmella.
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