Exposed Pathetic Losers

Oh, how bittersweet it is to finally have my revenge. It’s not like I wanted to get back at you, not at first. In fact, I was really fond of you first, but then I found out about your dark secret. I was fine with playing games with you, letting you think I was in on it. But did really think I’d keep my mouth shut?

Well, I thought I’d help you hide it at first, not going to lie. It wasn’t until you thought you could dominate me that I drew the line. Clearly, between us two, I’m the dominant one, though you don’t see it, it’s me. I’m the one in control of things and I’m the one who is truly mastering that puppet string, you only think you’re not a puppet because you have a small knob between your legs? Haha! So as soon as you thought you could take the reigns, I showed who’s the boss.

Revenge Phone Sex with Miss Lizzie

As soon as you thought you could cross me and get away with it, I thought “why not?” What better could I do than to have my sweet revenge?

At the moment you thought you were safe was when I struck my revenge! That bittersweet moment where you thought you could get away scotch free. That’s when I decided to expose you. Yes, I’m the one who let out your dirty secret.

It was bittersweet indeed. I didn’t want to hurt you of course, but the pain you felt was worth every second! Now you’re crawling back to me just like the Stockholm Syndrome struck puppy I expected you to be. So what exactly are you expecting from talking to me again, pathetic loser?

Want to go again for round 2?!

Sinful School Teacher

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peeping tom voyeur

You’re such a peeping tom loser as soon as your girlfriend leaves. She let you spend the night ONCE and this is how you treat her? Wow, she’s my roommate for goodness sake! All I was trying to do was take a shower in peace. I didn’t expect that leaving the door cracked open would mean having your unwanted attention. Oh, I was so wrong to think you might not be a loser after all.

There I was enjoying my shower when I suddenly heard the door creak. I looked back and saw you with your dick out. You know I wasn’t pleased when I saw you stroking! You ought to be ashamed of yourself in all honesty. But were you really ashamed? No. Your dick was still hard as a rock and pointing at my wet & naked body. The shower was still running and I wasn’t even covering myself. I must have been so stunned. Your nickname will forever be “peeping Tommy.”

Then I thought to myself why not have some fun with the situation? So I took a sponge and washed the soapy bubbles from my chest down my body. It was so easy for you to burst. Sure, I was acting nice, but as soon as I got out of the shower the first thing I did was call my roommate. She heard me cry, saying that I caught you jerking off while I was in the shower. Well, I knew she would take my side and dump your creepy ass. Tell me, was cumming that hard worth the outcome? I bet you secretly want to say yes. Freak!


Beautiful Young Domme

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