Daddy Dom / Little Girl

This submissive babygirl needs some training from her Daddy Dom! Teach me, command me to do anything my DD’s heart desires. Now it’s time to be completely and fully submissive to you and your every whim. No matter the pleasure or pain.

Yes, I want to be a good submissive for you Daddy! No matter what you do or say… I will do anything. Since I live and breathe to please you, I know I can’t say no even if I want to. What my Daddy Dom says goes, and that’s just how it is. My place is to be a good little girl and make him happy.

Submissive Babygirl DDLG

DDLG Phone Sex with submissive Babygirl: 844-447-5517

I am a lucky babygirl to even have the chance to have a dominant man like you to train me. So I am honored to serve at your feet and to be your submissive. With open hands, I accept your training and guidance. Please show me the ways of being daddy’s good babygirl, please Daddy?

A little piece of tight ass.

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