white trash

Have you ever met a white trash girl who was proud of it? You’re looking at her right now! I was born and raised in the trailer park. Trailer parks aren’t really known for having rich and dignified bitches. Well this place is no exception! But in all seriousness I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the sort of the place that just grows on you the longer you stay. I couldn’t imagine living some high life in some fancy mansion or condo. That just doesn’t fit the kind of girl I am. Plus I already get the “high” life in the trailer park and that’s good enough for me!

Online and in person I get fucking kinky. Even the guys around the park know all about me if you know what I’m saying! They come knocking at my front door hoping I will let them in the back *wink* hahaha. Well I ain’t gonna lie either, I’ve been known to be a homewrecker around these parts! Some people might say my reputation has long been ruined but I don’t give one fuck. The trailer park is where this slut is meant to stay. Call me for some no limits fun!


Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

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FinDom from this Princess is your new reality. Valentine’s day is just around the corner! So what are you going to gift your special Princess for the very special day? I don’t just want to hear “I love you”. Don’t give me some chocolate candies and call it a day. No, I expect more from a real hardworking slave. I want to hear how much you love worshipping me. Also if you’re a real wallet slave then I expect something much better than chocolates.

Prepare to be abused and manipulated by a sexy little Princess! It’s so much fun making you submit to me. But deep down inside, you know nothing else makes you happier than this. I really enjoy that about you. Raping your wallet gives me so much pleasure. It’s the pleasure I seek when talking to submissive bitches like yourself.

If you want to be a brat and not give me what I DESERVE for V Day then I might have to punish you. Oh yes, I might just have to expose to everyone how perverted you are! Yes I can be a really mean girl but if you’re smart enough you will comply with Princess Makayla.

Email me gifts and tributes at joiprincessmakayla@gmail.com

SKYPE: joiprincessmakayla

Say Yes to Princess!

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I’m sure some of you have wondered about why most married men cheat. The answer is very simple, it’s in their nature. In fact it’s more than a biological reality.

After being stuck with the same old wife for so long, things start to get rusty. The relationship doesn’t have nearly the same passion it had in the beginning. All the fun and that puppy love goes, the honey moon phase starts to fade. Especially once a woman bears children, one of either two things usually happens. Either they get really horny and insatiable, or they become uninterested and stale.

It could also be that the wife just doesn’t have it going on anymore. A much younger more fertile thing calls out to him. Everything about her from her sweet smell to her youthful body was probably made for a man like him. I know very well it’s hard for men to turn away instincts, especially when they’re craving a much younger woman.

One of the other main reasons I think married men cheat is because their wives just aren’t much exciting either. I hear so many stories from married men about how their wife won’t even give them the courtesy of a blow job every once in awhile! Don’t even get me started on the wives that are just totally uninteresting in bed – nothing kinky or thrilling to offer. (Seriously, not even anal ladies? That’s just a shame!)

Though I’ve noticed a pattern that mostly powerful, well-off men are the ones more likely to cheat, I’m sure all men have thought about it. Anyone can cheat if they play their cards right, but a powerful man who knows what he wants probably doesn’t hear the word “no” very often. Not even from the ladies who know he’s married!

I’m betting that most men who have been married for over 10 years (and less) fantasize about cheating every now and then. Some of those men even call me. Since I’ve always made it my priority to keep any affairs that happen with me 100% discreet, men trust me. They trust me to know their darkest secrets they have about cheating on their wives.

Whenever you call me, it’s always a totally judgment free, drama-free zone. Most married men know that if they call me, I won’t run and tell their wives. In fact, I don’t even consider phone sex calls to be actual cheating, so what’s there to tell? In reality, we’re just two consenting adults indulging on our fantasies and kinks in a harm-free way. There is no break down of the family, there is no fights with the wife, there’s just immense pleasure. There’s even something you can take home to your wife from doing calls with me. Perhaps doing calls with me will even spice up your marriage! (You’re welcome in advance…)

Bad Apple Ava

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Phone sex Accomplice for hire - Avery

Do you need a very naughty, twisted, and taboo girl to get a special job done? Do you need to satisfy that craving you have for blood or perhaps do something that is definitely not allowed? Then call me now. Chances are, I know all about what it is you truly desire, but you and I both know you cannot just advertise for it in the open. You know there’s a chance you could get in trouble when searching for the perfect partner in crime. There are many reasons to feel nervous about sharing your true desires with most people, especially in today’s world, but you need not feel that way with me. This phone sex accomplice knows exactly what you need to get the job done. I can seduce anyone or anything into being our victim, you just say the word. I want to be the one helping you live out your extreme taboo fantasies, no matter how taboo.

Sexy Goth Princess

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Teen addiction... upskirt teen porn Teen addiction, phone sex teen obsessions phone sex

I have this caller named Dave who has a teen addiction! I swear, the only thing he can pleasure himself to is the hottest tight teens. He really likes the girls who you see on the little channels, like the ones in those school comedy shows.

There’s this one celebrity dancer named Maddie he’s completely obsessed with, I’m sure some of you guys know which dancer I’m talking about. He also especially loves the pictures of her wearing a nude colored leotard bc it helps him imagine her very young and naked body.

I swear, he spends all his time looking at pics of these girls and jacking off. What a perv! It’s okay though I love teasing him with it. I am always sending him pics in his email to tease him with his favorite celebs. He has definitely become addicted to his daily dose of teen tightness!

A little piece of tight ass.

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fetish phone sex thehotspace.com

This ass is a golden prize! You know you want to taste and worship my curvy ass. Sit beneath me as I smother you with my round juicy bottom. You know you want to be tongue deep in this asshole too… Mistress knows you love ass to mouth! If you’re a lucky good boy, I just might allow you to taste. If you’re a bad boy, I will punish you! We got that clear slave?



Sinful School Teacher

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Healthy Competition... white bitch loves BBC and mexican cock.Its not cheating, it’s just some healthy competition! For a little white girl like me, it’s so hard to choose between BBC and Mexican cock. I mean, I really really love BBC and it’s pretty much the best, but I can’t help but to look at the Mexican guys as they pass by…  They are both two very huge kinds of cocks! In fact,  if I can’t choose, why not have both?

My bf gives me that BBC pretty much on the daily basis (and his friends that I fuck on the side too)… but sometimes I need a little “Latino Lovin” to get the job done. Especially that Mexican guy I’ve been talking to for awhile. When we fuck, he always takes extra special time and care into making sure I cum! He will lick me and fuck me for hours and hours nonstop!

Sometimes it’s just gotta be all about you and who makes you cum the best. That Mexican Cock is definitely tied in place with BBC in my book… they both make me feel so fucking good!

Number: 1-661-527-1335 & Skype: jessixsweet 

Cum Junkie Jessi

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blue balls

Teasing you until your blue balls are impossible to ignore makes me laugh. Seriously I laugh so fucking much just knowing how turned I make you. Obviously I’m not going to give myself to you. A little beta bitch like yourself could never have a woman like myself. Don’t you dare ever think I would let you have the honor of fucking me because it isn’t happening.

Are you still turned on after I said that? My god, you really are pathetic! It’s hard not to laugh hysterically at someone like you. How could I not? Your blue balls will only swell and become more painful the more we talk. But I enjoy greatly talking to you. A little bitch like yourself gives me a lot of entertainment!

You are so beneath me. It’s obvious to see that I will only keep teasing and denying you from the real pleasure that you seek. And yet, you keep coming back for more of my torture. You must really hate yourself, hahahaha. You’re such a horny and pathetic pervert.

Now I am ready to keep going. Are you going to be a little bitch and give up now? No, I will make you keep going. Keep being teased until you lose your damn mind. Sounds exciting, I know!

Beautiful Young Domme

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If God knows of everything, does that mean he knows all of sexual perversion, sin & temptation? Then why not be like God, all knowing of everything sinful? If we’re all sinners anyway, and we all will have to repent, why not have a little fun before we cleanse ourselves forever?

Sinful Temptation... Phone Sex Sin With Ava

Yes, I am the Serpent Mistress, and here I am tempting you to succumb to your sinful temptation. Just like the Lord of Darkness did with Adam & Eve. If it’s considered sinful in the eyes of the Lord, you will indulge in it, and then you will pay! So go ahead, look at these delicious fruits. You know very well they are forbidden, but you would like a taste, wouldn’t you?

Call 1-888-631-6822 now and you can get that taste! Forget all your priorities now and bathe in the luxury of sin! For the small price of your soul… & $2/min. (Ask to get 20 for $29.99, for a limited time only) – Ava

Bad Apple Ava

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Hey guys it’s Tara, your favorite little teen tart! Have you missed me? I know I’ve missed you guys. I’ve especially missed the touch of my Daddy!
Anyway, I just came on here to tell you about my new skype. I set it up so I could be able to take calls from guys internationally for the standard US rate and also so I could get IMs to set up calls. Please note that I am not there to do shows or to give you free chat, lol, so please keep that in mind! However, if you want to set up a call and give me a little details on what you want to talk about, or even if you would like an online chat session, you are welcome to send me a message there! I don’t even mind if you want to show me something on cam during our session so long as it’s not too bad! Add me there if you have a skype just so I can be on your buddy list too. That way you can see whenever I’m online and available to chat!

Even when I’m not on chat here you can still catch me for privates.
Chat with paid sessions only. Standard rates still apply. 

My skype username: tinyteentara_1

Add me on skype now and schedule an online session and receive 10 minutes free! With the purchase of 10 mins or more at $20. Just ask me for the private chat special. One time use only and ONLY for skype chat sessions!!

A little piece of tight ass.

This fetish blog was posted by Tara.
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Session Rates

Standard Rates:

$2.oo USD per minute

$20.oo USD minimum purchase

Standard rates apply to all calls
Click to tribute or pay online.

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