Missing my Daddy Dom for Christmas


Dear “Daddy” 

It’s been such a long last few months without you! I know you’re proud of me for doing so well in school, but I need my Daddy! I’ve tried to get to know some of the boys at school, but it’s just not the same as having an older more “daddy” figure around. Those boys at school wouldn’t even know how to touch me. That’s why I can’t stop thinking about you and the way you like to touch me. You know every little spot on my body, and you know exactly how to turn me on. When my roommate goes out, I always touch myself thinking about you. I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I miss you so much sometimes, I don’t even know how to handle myself. I know I can’t come & see you this Christmas, but once spring break comes I think we should take that ski trip you suggested. I don’t want anyone else to come with us though. It’s important we have some alone time just for the two of us. Don’t you agree Daddy? It’s been too long since we had some special daddy-little-girl-time. Even longer since I’ve been able to feel your strong man hands wrap tightly around me. So don’t forget about our little trip, okay Daddy? & Anytime you think about me, I hope that you will touch yourself thinking about your sweet little kitten!

Love, Your Submissive Kitten Tara

A little piece of tight ass.

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Lolita Goth Girl PornI’m the lolita goth girl of your fantasies… You know you’ve always had a thing for girls like me. Girls on the “Dark Side.” You’ve just always been too shy to approach a girl like me. You worry you’re not tough enough, you worry I will think you are an absolute dweeb. I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely correct. If you even have to second guess that – then yes, I will think you are a complete loser… However, if you know your place is above me in the food chain, I’m sure you will know how to act like it. See, I don’t like just any guys… I like the guys at the top of the food chain. I would never let a little boy loser have his way with me anyway. But a man, a real rugged, powerful man… oh, he can definitely have his way with me and so much more…

Sexy Goth Princess

This fetish blog was posted by Avery.
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Badge bunny tempts detective...


Why yes, I am a criminal, of the heart and mind… but that’s why you like me, isn’t it Detective? I could sense you had an attraction to me from the start, but not just for my looks… I think you had an attraction to me because you took a gaze through my eyes and saw the sinful fantasy world inside. In fact, I know you did… That’s why even though you have a lovely wife and a ring on your finger, and a big fancy house, it’s still not enough to satiate that passion. You have that burning drive in you. The art of sinning is wonderful that way. No matter how good you have it, you still crave chaos. There is temptation for even your most primitive passions, and you know very well that face you put on is a facade. You really crave a little badge bunny like me to steer you off the beaten “good-ol’-boy” path, don’t you?

Soft seductive breasts, big nipples

Your temptations are exactly why you desire me, Detective. It’s not just my beauty. You could have any woman you want, but instead you’re wanting a taste of me. You could have any perfectly pretty, but slightly dumb girl, but you choose me, the girl capable of home-wrecking your entire life. It’s because you know that deep inside my dark mind, there is so much more I’m hiding… You want inside of me. Something tells me you also like the position you have placed over me. You like that you have a little domination and control. It pleases you to have the power to my future, and the key to my restraints…

Bad Apple Ava

This fetish blog was posted by Ava Adore.
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Daddy knows very well that I’m a bratty girl. But we both know how much he loves my bratty attitude! I love seducing him and making him do whatever my heart desires.

bratty girl

His cock gets so hard just by knowing how much of a PRINCESS I really am. Like I definitely enjoy the finer things in life. That’s why I need a Daddy like him in my life. He makes his money just to satisfy me. I love knowing that each hour he spends working means the money he makes will go straight to me. I’m milking him for his money and he has no qualms about it!

Sugar Daddies like him make my pussy so wet. Do you know why? Because their money gets me wet! I love putting men like him in a trance and taking every cent they have. I always get my way and Daddy knows it. That’s why he keeps coming back because he just can’t stay away from me.

So maybe you want to be another Sugar Daddy of mine, hmm? Well it’s not like I’m going to say no… But you must prove yourself. What all will you do for your spoiled baby girl? Thanksgiving is coming and I want to have a pretty pedicure AND manicure. If you’re a real Daddy with money then you know what to do next…

Call me so I can seduce you. 888-542-5810

Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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older men

My mind’s had dirty thoughts about older men for as long as I can remember. They are often just so charming and sexy. I like the “silver fox” type or just an attractive older man with more experience. You guys know what kind of experience I am talking about! My first age gap relationship was a really hot one. Well I admit I was too young. I rather not say how old… But he was so handsome and enjoyed spoiling me. It was difficult not to want him.

He was a friend of my dad’s. They knew each other since high school. So he’s always been around. As I grew older he would give me more attention. I thought he was cute so I didn’t mind! One night he took me to the movies. Just me and him. My parents were fine with it. Of course they didn’t know that we would be getting up to no good in the theater.

We were siting side by side of course. I was wearing a little jean skirt. As the movie started I felt his hand reach for my thigh. One thing led to another and soon he had his hand under my panties. Our mouths were pressed together. I couldn’t stop. I even let him keep my panties that night. Mmm… Older men drive me crazy!

Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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Sexy feet like mine are always kept looking nice and delicious. They are always ready to be worshiped at any moment. Obviously you are here to do one important job for me. That is to pamper my sexy feet with all the massages, kisses, licks, and pedicures. What more could a girl could ever want!


sexy feet

Now wouldn’t you really enjoy being my horny foot slave? I could use another one around here to take care of these pretty feet. I want a foot slave for every day of the week! I need to keep my toes looking perfectly polished at all times. Who do you think is going to pay for that? It definitely won’t be me!

The cash you work hard for is going straight to paying for pedicures and shoes. Not a dime will be wasted. It gives you great pleasure to make me happy this way, yeah? It certainly gets that cock of yours rock hard. I am sure you’re excited already for me to come home from the nail salon. You rather not wait much longer and I know it. I enjoy getting my pedi while you wait at home ready to give me some foot love.

Beautiful Young Domme

This fetish blog was posted by Carmella.
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Cum eating cock whoresI love being a cum eating cock whore. It’s true. I’m such a cum slut. I will do anything for cum. I have even found myself doing some very naughty and questionable things for cum. If you know me, then you’d know all about the secrets in my cum slut diaries. Take a look inside you will see exactly what I want inside of my mouth! Lots of cum! I don’t care who wants to make me suck on their cocks for it. I don’t care what color or race you are or how old you are! I’m a huge college whore and I’ll fuck guys younger than me and even the guys old enough to be my teachers. My love is for everyone and I’ll be anyone’s cock whore for a price!

Cum Junkie Jessi

This fetish blog was posted by Jessi.
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cock control

Well you already know how great I am at cock control. Controlling yours is no exception. I love how my body, my words, and my voice all get you feeling hot and hard. There’s so much power that I have over you already. You can’t deny this. Don’t even try to deny the truth.

It has gotten to the point where it only feels right to cum when I tell you to. Sure, you have had some okay orgasms without me. But the reality is that it doesn’t feel as nearly as good unless I’m there instructing you. Plus, without me, you’re cumming whenever you want to and that isn’t okay.

You need to be teased repeatedly. Until it’s too much to handle. A bratty Princess can surely do the trick. I adore driving you completely crazy. That’s how cock control goes! It’s to be expected that it will feel intense, almost too intense. But I know you can handle my instructions. The finish line is always worth it.

Teasing you, denying you from an orgasm, simply because I can. These are a part of my cock controlling. Just think about how wonderful it will feel when I finally let you cum. IF I let you cum. You will have to find out what I have planned for you.

Say Yes to Princess!

This fetish blog was posted by Makayla.
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college girl


Nothing feels quite as nice as a tight & beautiful college girl. We’re always down for a good time and of course getting into some trouble! I go to my classes in clothes that I know will receive attention. Leggings, low-cut tops, short skirts, and the list goes on. I love knowing that guys are checking me out on campus. Even some of the professors can’t help but take a look at me a little longer than they should.

But actually, it’s the professors checking me out that really turns me on. That might sound really naughty and it is but I just love being a little attention whore sometimes! And to be totally honest, the older men really get my tight CoEd pussy super wet. Go ahead and call me a bad girl because I know that it’s true.

To keep being honest with you, I actually have had some fun with a professor before. It was last year and such a hot experience. The man couldn’t resist this young hottie! It was after lots of subtle teasing that I finally seduced him into something really dirty. You wouldn’t believe the filthy things he said and did to me in his classroom!

Kinky COED Felicity

This fetish blog was posted by Felicity.
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 You know, I’ve been yearning to fucking humiliate one of you little boys.  You’ve been very bad and it’s time you please me.  This makes me think back to this time in college when I met a guy who was into Small Dick Humiliation.  At the time, I had not even heard of such a thing; it’s quite humorous, really.  Well, we got together to study for a chem test, we had everything set up for an all night study binge.  Then, next thing we know we are making out and he is trying hard to get into my pants.  There was something about how he was acting, he wanted me to dominate him.  When I pulled out his dick it was like something came over me.  I wanted to make him feel so small and and tiny.  His dick was so small it might as well had been a clit!  To my surprise, he wasn’t upset about the humiliation; he actually wanted it.  Now, I find myself looking forward to talking to some of you boys and letting you know just exactly what I think of your cock.  What do you say?  Would you like for me to make you feel small and helpless in my arms?  Maybe we should talk about it.  


Your Darkest Desires

This fetish blog was posted by Luna.
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