U dig sweet ginger sluts? This submissive redhead slut has just be dyin to play rough, raw, and real.. Are you my new master? I grew up in a small conservative town in the Midwest and was always taught that I should listen to my elders, especially the males. I was taught to respect the men in my family as if they were all my father. My older brothers and uncles were just as much of authority figures over me than my actual father. None of them were going to let little Alison get away with anything. They always kept an eye on me and I, in turn, was a very good girl for them. Family fun was something that we all used to participate in and and them taking turns being my Sir. I’m only happy these days when I am someone’s toy, someone’s thing to manipulate. I realize that now. I am in search of a Master, the king of all Sirs, that can take full control of me and make me their ultimate slave. Most of my uncles have passed, my brothers and I still play but Daddy too is long gone… I’m awful lonely these days and I think that you are likely the man I’ve been looking for. I’d love to talk with you more about my previous Master/Slave situations as well as what Daddy used to have me do. Sharing is caring, Daddy always used to say! Teehee

Call me up today for a special sess with this sweet ginger slut, Alison. <3 Your submissive for anything xoRedhead Submissive Slut

The submissive deviant

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It’s been too long since I was able to last see daddy, and this dry period is making me desperate. I really miss daddy’s hand on my body. I miss when I’d sit on his lap, and rock back and fourth on his knee. Daddy made me so wet. he made me feel loved and wanted. I’d do anything to have that feeling again. I don’t care if the consequences are whipping me with a belt. I just want to feel a hard cock inside my princess pussy, a hand gripping at my hair, and the sounds of an older man groaning into my ear. I want to feel owned and secure again.

Where is my daddy?


I’ll be your good obedient girl, I promise.


xo Noah 

Call me! 888-549-6670

A little bit naughty, a little bit nice. Always your favorite.

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sexy secretary Felicity

 Who knew that I would turn out to be one sexy secretary! It’s another job I’ve taken recently. My boss is so fine too. I mean the man is older than me but he has these muscles that turn me on. I can see the outlines through his suit. When our eyes met for the first time I could tell a connection was made.

No, I haven’t been working at the place for long. But already quite a lot has happened. My new boss has been so kind to me, but a few days ago, things changed. Not in a bad way really. It’s just that I didn’t realize he was so brave and dominant!

One day I went into his office to hand him some important files. Then before I could wrap my mind around what was happening he asked me to walk over to his desk. Behind his desk, actually. My nerves weren’t so high. I was excited more than anything. I knew the day would come that he would literally want me in his office. Haha, I just didn’t think it would come so quickly! But I’m totally not complaining.

Soon as I walked over to him he told me to bend over the desk. Oh I knew we were about to have some dirty fun! He’s a married man too which makes it even dirtier. My pussy was soaking wet after he was done with his sexy secretary.


Kinky COED Felicity

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Well I hope that you’re ready for some hot degradation phone sex with Princess Makayla. When you’re in my reach then you have no choice but to behave & submit! I’m going to definitely make you my little humiliation puppet. So I’m sure your pathetic excuse for a cock is ready for my punishments. That’s really how pathetic you are, am I right? You seriously crave that sort of humiliation. I can already feel it through the damn computer screen.

degradation princess

So let’s see how far I can take all of this before you break down. I’m in a particularly bratty mood today. But maybe I will let you go as far as cumming today perhaps. Don’t expect me to be so sugary sweet to you though. You should feel lucky to touch yourself at all, if I give you the honor.

Are you going to be a good subservient bitch? Or will I have to break you down until the real loser is showing? Hahahaha. That pathetic excuse for a cock I was talking about earlier will be ALL mine. So I most definitely plan to make you do humiliating things to that thing between your legs.

Of course, you’re going to do whatever Princess Makayla says because that’s what makes you happiest. Isn’t that right, pervert?

Say Yes to Princess!

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sensual domination session

 Here I will give you a sensual domination session that you won’t forget about anytime soon. I know how to make guys like you tremble to the core. You obviously like what you see… I could have my way with you however I please. Let’s not pretend that you’re some tough guy. Maybe you are around others… But not around me. I’m sure you would adore a woman like me taking control of your cock. Both my words & voice will make you ache in such a pleasant way.

 There’s no forgetting about me after I’m through. I know how to be sensual and make you feel so damn good. Why would you want to forget about that? A sensual domination session is a great way to explore your fantasies and dirty mind. I will dominate you in ways that are so erotic and sexy. All you have to do is tell me why you’re here. Tell me what you’re aching for tonight. I will make it happen.

Eventually all that teasing and aching is going to make you burst. But you’re going to ask Miss Carmella permission to cum. You can do that for me. I know you can. So I look forward to our little adventure. See you soon.

Beautiful Young Domme

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Free Phone Sex at TheHotSpace.com

Tonight is the night to win a FREE phone sex call! All you have to do is join our mailing list and then look out for the email we will send you. This drawing will be for a FREE $25.00 phone sex call with any operator of your choice. You must be 18 years or older to enter. The drawing will be held at 8PM CST.

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Wicked Webmaster

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Last time we had “phone sex” (if you could really call it that), you were my pathetic penis slave. Honestly, I have to admit that the nonexistent penis of yours is almost forgettable! Can you even call it a penis?

I’m just NOW posting these pics for the world to see. So let me show the world what I do to little dicks like YOU!

Yuk. But Look at this sissy fag showing his loyalty!

There are many things I want to do to a perverted fuck like you! More than that, I want to make you mine COMPLETELY. I want to sell you like the piece of meat you are to all the BBC on the street. Any dollar you make, I want to put it into MY bank account. You will be entitled to none of that money, only cock in your mouth! 

Does a Pathetic Penis Deserve Pleasure?

This bitch FOLLOWS ORDERS well!

Let’s cut the shit. You know exactly what you are good for. You’re good for pleasuring me and all the other cocks and that’s about it.

That small penis of yours? When did you get the bright idea that a tiny penis like that could even feel pleasure for you? Pleasure for you is nonexistent.

Sinful School Teacher

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Cheer sluts should love taking BIG ones for the team. I’m talking the whole football team. I cheer for the team at school and I love getting the attention of all the football players around. They love watching my tight teen ass while I do the splits in the shortest cheer skirt.

The football team is the best. You know why? They are the biggest and strongest ones picked from the entire school. The best of the best. They have the biggest ones in the class so why not take advantage of being able to do my dances right in front of them!

After games the cheerleaders and the football players will have parties. Those parties are always the best. We get to drinking, getting wild and crazy. It’s always at one of the frat houses which are like mansions and there are tons of rooms there. It was easy to find a well endowed sportman to take back into the room and suck him off. Even easier to pull up my cheer skirt and start fucking me right there in front of the whole team.

In one room though, there was something really special. A room full of BBC and a few of the hot white guys too. It was the best room and I saw my best friend below them getting fucked! She was all alone taking all 5 of them and I did get a bit envious. I jumped in and started going for my fill of it too!

By the end we were sandwiched into making out with each other while taking it from behind while the team passed both of us around! The experience was so intimate for the two of us and completely dirty & bad at the same time! If my Daddy were to find out about that incident, he would be so mad!

But he can’t stop me and my friends from being total sluts either, now can he??

Best friends forever,
Tiny Teen Tara

A little piece of tight ass.

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CFNM Sessions and so much more are welcomed here.

CNFM Phone Sex. Humiliation, Total Degradation.

So what am I going to do with you today, loser? It looks like you’re in need of total degradation. First you must strip out of your clothes. Yes, even your undies! I want you completely naked and vulnerable after all, bitch. That’s how I prefer my pigs. When you serve me, you’re going to kneel down in front of me and beg for me to punish you. I know you totally want me to make you suffer.

 Here you will receive CFNM sessions that will make you yearn for more. Well there’s plenty where that came from! I promise to make you hurt and suffer for my pleasure.

Beautiful Young Domme

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I’m not just a teen princess. I’m Daddy’s Little Girl! Everything Daddy could ever dream of and more is right here. I love my Daddy…

Teen Princess Tara.... Cheap incest phone sex.Don’t you love me too? Everything about your little girl is perfect, what’s not to love! Since I love you so much, I want to show you just how much of a good girl I can be. Especially love being bad for Daddy too… When Daddy tells me what to do, I do it! No matter what He says… anything goes!~

Instead of teasing me Daddy, why don’t you just give me a call? I have a number that rings right to my bedroom that you can call here 844-447-5517 and my Yahoo messenger: tinyteentara. I won’t bite, at least not yet…

A little piece of tight ass.

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