Teased & Denied... - Not even your phone sex whore will let you cum.Lately I’ve had a FWB who has been needing to be teased & denied to put him in place. That’s why I’ve started denying him the privilege to fuck me and I’ve been getting big black cock instead. I’ve even been having bareback sex with these guys and often come home with a pussy full of cum. I don’t really care if he can’t enjoy himself, as long as I’m getting mine and he’s getting denied! I’ve been letting everyone have a piece of me, except him. His cock must be aching now because he misses this white pussy so bad.

There will be no pussy for him though! From here on out, I’m only letting black guys fill me up. I’m a bit of a size queen anyway and it seems only big, dark & and handsome men have a big enough one for me. Poor FWB isn’t a friend with benefits after all. The benefits have been denied! He will just have to turn into my cuckold for now, haha! He better not even bother trying to have a piece of me again, because he knows all he’s going to get are pictures of my rendezvous!

Cum Junkie Jessi

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Do you want to be a crossdressing sissy slave to a real feminization Mistress? Well, you’re looking at the woman who can definitely do that. I love all the sissy sluts who have been calling me lately. It’s so entertaining and satisfying for me to dress you up however I like. Not only that but I love seeing how far you will go as my kinky little crossdresser!

Tell me all about the sexy panties and lingerie that you own. Or if you’re new to this sort of thing then don’t worry. I will certainly get you headed in the right direction. Just talk to me and tell me more about yourself. Do you want to be a crossdresser who is devoted to a Mistress? I want to know all the nasty things you will do for me. I’m ready to make you my sexy little bitch. Get your sissy clothes and makeup on. I want you looking your prettiest and sluttiest while I talk to you. Show me how hot and feminine you can really be in front of a feminization Mistress. Bring out your kinky side even more. Either do it or I WILL make it happen. Speak to you soon!

Beautiful Young Domme

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Ava loves fucking men 20 years older.

He may be 20 years older than me, but there’s more than enough things he could teach me. I’ve honestly been into older men since I could remember. The attention I could get from an older man meant more than catching the eye of an average person. Of course it was natural for me, but not so natural for him. He has his career, his image and name, and who am I but an adolescent compared to him? I can hardly get my panties on and get to school in time. Yet I could tell when we met that he saw something more, maybe even something I never see.

What he saw I believe was potential. His dominance I could sense almost immediately, and I believe he could sense my submission to him almost the same. I knew he was attached, probably with a wife who was much more dominant than he can stand. She’s controlling, she’s in charge of everything, and he’s tired of her. Sure, she was great while she lasted, while he was young and making his way up. However, women age, and things start to sag, and it’s only science that men start to look. The second a fertile young thing passes by, their eyes follow.

Young girls are like clay for men 20 years older…

That’s exactly the potential he saw in me from the moment he laid eyes on me. Just as his wife built him to be exactly how she wanted, he was looking for a young one to build up himself. He saw that I was a young school girl, unmarried, no kids, but definitely in the market for all of that, and more. He could sense that I especially wanted little ones. I am the type who would submit only to the right one with the right status, but when I find that person, I would lay down everything for them.

The age gap really is no big deal in the end of it all. We are all here to learn and teach each other, and everyone falls at some end of the spectrum. Someone who is 20 years older can teach me about love, life, and sex… and probably better than a guy my age anyway. Deep down, he knows that and I know that too. That’s why his eyes keep on wandering over my way.

Living a stagnant life gets boring after awhile. Yeah, you’ve been married 13 years, but where’s the passion? Where’s the pleasure? Perhaps its with this younger woman who exudes vitality and passion for life. Like a chance to be reborn again, to feel young again, to enjoy yourself again…

Bad Apple Ava

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the hot older daddies out there. Especially the ones busy with your real life families. I know, I know, the holiday season can be a little bit crazy… but it doesn’t have to be totally unenjoyable! See here at the hot space we aren’t quite finished yet. We still have one more day’s worth of specials…

Sneak away from your wife to fuck this tight teen slut.

That means if you can manage to get away from that family of yours, we could have some fun. I’m sure you know the kind I’m thinking of… And let’s face it, after a lot of eating candy and drinking warm hot chocolate, your family is probably passed out by now. So why not sneak away to the little girl of your dreams? Your “fantasy family” is me.

I am your fantasy daughter and I need a little Christmas present too, don’t you think so? I would actually love to get a present from my Daddy. Maybe even a naughty one since I haven’t exactly been a good girl this year…

Chat me on skype: tinyteentara_1

A little piece of tight ass.

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Happy Holidays from your naughty Princess Makayla!

This time of the year always gets me excited. That’s because I know daddies and slaves like yourself love giving and giving some more! And don’t you want to give it all to me this holiday season? Forget about everyone else. It’s me who deserves to be pampered like royalty especially during this time of the year. I know what makes you happiest and that is satisfying me.

So make me feel jolly and satisfied all the way by giving me plenty of gifts. You’re thirsty for my attention and I know just how to quench your thirst. This is authentic royalty that you’re speaking to right now. So be a good daddy and spoil me rotten and I will spoil you in return. I will make you feel real bliss this merry season. I know you want to cum really hard before the year is over. Who do you think can really do that for you? Your wife… or Princess Makayla?

You damn well know the answer. Now pay up and watch what I do to your aching cock next. I make it all worth it. I am worth every dime and then some more! If you’re feeling jolly then call me. Ask about our specials.

Say Yes to Princess!

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Would I be wrong to believe that you have a confession to make? Maybe you have several things you would like to share with me. There isn’t any need to be shy here. Whether you like it or not I will have you spilling all your dirty secrets to me. But I have a big feeling that you will eventually enjoy telling me every dirty detail.


For some men, once they start telling me these things they just can’t stop! But I love it when that happens. I don’t want you to stop either. Keep letting out every naughty secret that you have been keeping to yourself for so long. I want to know those juicy details too! The juicer the better. Nothing you tell me will scare me away babe. I’m hoping we can have some fun with all of your naughty confessions.

Just get comfortable with me first of all. Then we can start talking about whatever it is that you want to talk about. I totally look forward to hearing all about what’s been hiding in your mind! All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial my number. Grab one of our Christmas specials while you’re at it babe. Ask me about them!







Kinky COED Felicity

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Christmas phone sex specials - cheap phone escorts

What a better way to bring in the end of the year, then with the happiest ending of all? From now until the 26th of December, you can get a cool deal with our winter phone sex specials. We have new specials for 15, 25, and 35 minutes. No matter the budget, there is certainly a special for you. Try one of our call girls out today and ring in the new year the right way!

(Valid to US callers only. Canadian Christmas special is our standard U.S. rate of $2 per minute. Must ask for the special in order to receive, otherwise special is not valid! Valid only once a day until the sale end. Ask your operator for more details.)

Wicked Webmaster

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boy pussy

By the looks of you I think that your boy pussy will come in handy this holiday season. I have a feeling that an effeminate bitch like yourself will be ready to pleasure many men. There will indeed be many of them coming in and out the door. Yes, sweetie, I will be pimping your boy pussy out and often!

How lucky that you get to be my slut for such a special occasion. I am choosing you because even without makeup you look like a girl. You’re body is petite and so is your clit hahahaha. It won’t take me very long to get you dolled up and ready to fuck. Just think about all the men who will be feasting their eyes on you.

All of them are going to love you. They will especially love how you take their cocks one after another. I can already imagine you moaning like a girl. You even sound like one when talking! Your effeminate nature comes in handy when using you to make me cold hard cash. Guys love sissy bitches like you.

The fact is you’re ready to be used like a cum dumpster. We both get something out of this. I get my money and you get loads of cum in that BUSSY of yours hahahaha.

NUMBER CHANGE: 805-222-6803

Beautiful Young Domme

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          Have you ever been so naughty you just needed to talk about it right then? Did you have no one to talk to?  For instance, have you done things you’ve kept a secret for years? Well, I want you to call me and confess every single one of those bottled up emotions you have. Although, I want to pull it out of you myself. I will make you feel so guilty you’ll tell me every single little thing you’ve ever done. Have you cheated? Been cheated on? Do you like the idea of being cheated on, knowing your love is off being fucked by someone else? Have you been plotting what you want to take and what you deserve? You’re guilty and I want you to pay for your faults. I know you love this, it’s one of your fantasies.   

   Now, I know this is dark, but I’m not your damn therapist.  I still want to know your confessions, but that’s just because I am a freak.  It gets me off knowing all of the secrets people have.  I might make you feel better if you make sure I feel good, but, this is for my pleasure.  It gets me riled up knowing people are out there hiding things from their partners.  Now, why don’t you call me and we get this over with? 


Your Darkest Desires

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     So, I’ve been holding back this little secret of mine for quite some time, there was a year I became a babysitter.  I know that doesn’t sound like too much, but I started having the biggest crush on my client.  I knew he was way too old for me, but the way he looked at me just sent shivers down my entire body.  He always called me his sweet girl; I knew how inappropriate it was, but I couldn’t help but love it!  The man was dominant, handsome, and I’m sure he would have been able to lift me with one hand.  Every time I looked at him I wanted to just be daddy’s girl and be a puddle in his hands.  I knew he wouldn’t go for it because he saw me as his employee.

    I started doing babysitter phone sex in his house once the kids were asleep.  I wished he would walk in on me and get on to me for being bad.  There was a night he walked in on me and I could immediately see the disappointment in his face.  I threw myself at him, kissed him, begged him to have me; I told him all of the fantasies I had had about him being my daddy.  He threw me out and told me to never come back, but I can’t quit thinking about him.  Would anyone want to do some calls with me?  I promise you I’d be a good girl, I just really want daddy to punish me for what I’ve done.   I wanted him to spank me, to see me, to let me know just how bad I really am. 



Sweet & Obedient

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