FemDom Queen Phone Sex

Listen up, boy toy! I’m your new FemDom Queen and you will do as I say. You want a taste of this? Well then, you’re going to have to work for it. I want to see you on your knees, and open that watering mouth of yours too. Get comfortable because this Mistress has something special in mind for you…

What? Did you think you were lucky enough to actually taste this sweet nectar? Ha. You silly boy. I actually had in mind for you to taste your own. After all, I can’t be there to touch you, but I can give you a little jerk off instruction and guide you to doing something else that’s almost just as good. Now open that mouth slaveboy and get ready to eat your own cum!

Sexy Goth Princess

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Are you a quickie cummer that can’t even last 2 seconds? Is phone sex an expensive luxury cost for a loser like you? Can you not even last the 10 minute minimum? Don’t worry, I know all about it. I bet you even have a small dick too. It’s your lucky day though because the 7 mins in heaven special is back. How perfect of a special is that for a loser like you?Quickie Cummer Phone SexTruth be told, I bet some of you quickie cummers couldn’t even last the full 7 minutes! Some of you hang up after only 60 seconds into it. It really is that easy for all you small dicky quickies to cum, and I bet a lot of you little knob heads cum before the lady can even take off her clothes! Pathetic.


Sinful School Teacher

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Another HOT phone sex special is here!
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Wicked Webmaster

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It’s that time of the month again where we give out a free phone sex drawing to one of our lucky email list members. If you haven’t signed up for our email list & newsletter yet, then click the flyer above to do so immediately! We will be holding one FREE Mystery Drawing for the Mardis Gras season. The drawing will be on March 6th 2019. That’s almost two weeks away so you better enter now before you miss the chance to win out big! We will also be giving away a few more mystery prizes and coupons for our 2nd and 3rd place winners..

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, then you are in for an even bigger surprise! Our February Lovebug special is over, however we just now brought back the 7 Minutes in Heaven for all you quickie cummers out there… For a very limited time only, you can get 7 minutes in heaven for just $13.99! That’s the best fuck for your buck right now. This is below our standard minimum rate and is only here for a very short time. Take advantage of this deal while you can because it will not last! The 7 Minutes in Heaven is only available by request to US callers also, so don’t forget to ask for it next time you call.

In other HOT news, we would like to introduce our newest commercial model Maddie Lynn! Isn’t she gorgeous? You will be seeing a lot more of her around here when it comes to advertisements and commercials. She is one of our “mascots” so to speak, but we definitely have a few more where that came from. We will also be adding a handful of new operators soon and are holding training sessions this next coming week. If you are a lady who happens to be reading this & you haven’t applied to be an adult entertainer with us, then we would like to invite you to apply to be a PSO with us! For the rest of you guys, stay tuned for all our new upcoming models & operators by signing up for our email list.



Wicked Webmaster

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Some jealous bitches might say I put the HO in homewrecker. Well, okay, they’re not actually wrong! But I can clearly see the bitterness on their sour faces. That and the obvious jealousy. It’s not my fault that your man would rather have fun with me! I didn’t technically make him do it. Maybe I did some seducing but seriously he’s a grown man. He knows what he really wants. And obviously, the man wants me! He much rather get his cock wet with me than with you. Aren’t you always “too tired” for sex anyway? You could NEVER satisfy him the way that I can. Obviously you don’t want to even give him pleasure and satisfaction. So why are you so bitter for, sweetie?

Just face it that I make your man happier than you ever could. You can try “fixing” yalls relationship. The truth is, he will soon be back. And he will be getting his cock wet once again with this hot young homewrecker. I would say kiss my ass but your hubby is already doing that for me. *wink* Married cock is my favorite and I won’t stop looking for it. All the jealous ladies can say what they want. But it’s their husband who is saying my name instead of theirs. He’s also going to be calling my number any minute now. 720-893-0881

Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

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Ass licking & worship… That sounds delightful right about now. Of course I won’t be the one doing it but you most definitely will! What’s not to love about a sexy fat ass like mine?

Is your mouth watering for a taste already? Come on, I know it is and I know you’re craving mine at this moment.

ass licking

Well, I won’t wait much longer for you to get underneath me. There will always be some other horny pervert just aching to lick this juicy bum. But right now I really want to see how much you love ass licking. If I have to I will just throw you underneath me and smother you with my sexy curves. That should make your cock dribble with precum with no time at all!

So I’m about to turn you into my personal throne. Your face is ready, especially your tongue. I plan to ride you hard so be ready! I won’t stop rocking my hips back and forth until I’ve creamed myself. This is definitely what you want to taste right now. Bring your fucking face over here so I can sit on it.

Nothing is better than having a delicious woman like me sitting on your face.

Beautiful Young Domme

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Hollywood exposed: Teen foot fetish TV

Lately I’ve been digging up some dirt on one of the TV channels I grew up to love. To my surprise, my favorite channel apparently has some dirty secrets they’ve been hiding. It turns out that all the years I was little, this secret was hiding right in plain sight! What originally seemed like an innocent channel for teens was actually something much dirtier beyond the surface. It turns out the beloved Teen Nick out of all channels was actually the center stage for Hollywood’s teen foot fetish.

When reading about Hollywood’s teen foot fetish, I started thinking it was just a rumor. But when I started to look more closely, and look back on all the shows I grew up watching, it became obvious. All those intimate foot scenes, all those young actresses with big beautiful feet and pretty long toes. Sure, it could have been showbiz that ultimately paid for their luxury pedicures, but did anyone else ever notice how immaculate all those teen actresses feet were from the beginning? Don’t forget the scenes of those teens sucking on their toes and dressing them up in sexy accessories.

Teen Foot Fetish
Well it turns out it was surely no coincidence that all those teen actresses had such immaculate feet. From my reading, apparently girls were cast by their feet, requested to take off their shoes from the very beginning. Yes, in order to even hire one of these little stars, the producer for all Nick’s shows demanded to see them audition with their feet.

Producers would ask all the little girls and boys to take off their shoes as soon as they were at audition. The producers would then go around finding the top 50 cutest little teens in shorts and flip-flops. The ones with the best feet would get to meet the producer for a private audition.

From his private room, the producer would instruct teens to run around barefoot and play with their feet. Their lines were to talk about how much they love their feet and being barefoot. If the producer liked their private audition, then it was said he would instantly make them a star…

Sounds crazy right? But coming from a TV channel whose logo was a FOOT right around the same time, it sure makes you wonder. Were these TV shows secretly a front for fulfilling showbiz’s teen foot fetishes under the public eye? Was there something even more sinister going down? Let me know what you think about this dirty scandal! Or if you want to indulge more on your teen foot fetish, call me!

Foot Fetish Phonesex

A little piece of tight ass.

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GFE Phone Sex Tiffany - Girlfriend Experience

Are you feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day? I have an idea to fix that. Let me be your girlfriend for a romantic day out and I’m sure I can make you feel a lot better!

I know you’ve always wanted a girl like me, but you’ve been too insecure to ask me out. You’re in luck today though because my dumb now ex bf stood me up right before Valentine’s Day. Can you believe that?

Now that you finally have your chance though, will you actually get the courage to take it? Will you take it for granted? Because right now I could really use a shining knight…

If you play your cards right, I could be the putty in your hands. Our romantic night out doesn’t have to just end with a kiss, it can end with something so much more intense..

It can end with us sharing ourselves together in the most intimate of ways or it can end with us falling in love…

A Taste of Tiffany

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Snowbunny phone sex with JessiIt’s true, I’m a snowbunny and proud! I know to most white guys, I’m just any pretty average, normal white girl. But to black and other dark skin guys especially, I’m the creamy white skin whore of their dreams. That’s why my line is not short of snowbunny phone sex calls… I get guys of all walks of life wanting to talk to me about the greatest thing of all: big black cock. And I won’t lie, to me BBC really is the best thing of all.

My panties get instantly wet when I hear a black guy on the other end of the phone. I can usually tell it’s a black guy right off the bat. Black guys always have deeper, more manly and sexier voices in my opinion. White guys always sound like little squirrely nerdy guys to me. The sound of a black man though, mm now that’s fucking sexy, especially if he’s a real smooth talker too.

Believe it or not though, it’s not always the big black guys that want to talk to a little white girl like me. I’ve noticed a huge influx of other guys (mostly white guys) who actually love talking about BBC more than me, and not because they like it themselves. It’s more or less they want to talk to me about BBC because they know they are inferior, and they love torturing themselves to my stories about all the hot interracial sex I’ve had. Some have even begged me to cuck them & send them pictures the next time I get to suck a delicious black cock! It’s like hey will do anything to watch me being pleasured by a man naturally more skilled than them. By that BBC that no white girl in her right mind would turn away! 

Cum Junkie Jessi

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confession line

When I posted about my confession line I didn’t expect to receive so many dirty secrets! A lot of you guys are quite perverted. Still, I really enjoy hearing about what you hide from others. That’s why I wanted to start something like this in the first place! I want to be the girl who you can comfortably talk to about anything. Literally anything! No matter how filthy your secrets might be.

So far I’ve heard some really juicy true stories. Some of the things I hear make my pussy wet almost instantly. Maybe you had some fun with a school teacher. Or maybe you fooled around with your best man’s girlfriend. Whatever the case, I gain so much excitement from listening to all of these secrets! You can count on me to keep my lips sealed.

This one is really hot. First off, one of my callers gave me permission to mention this… He told me how he fucked his best friend’s twin sisters! Yeah, he had a threesome with these sexy young ones. To this day his best friend still doesn’t know. Like how bad is that, right? Do you have something even dirtier to tell me? Call my confession line 1-888-687-2763 

Kinky COED Felicity

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