If God knows of everything, does that mean he knows all of sexual perversion, sin & temptation? Then why not be like God, all knowing of everything sinful? If we’re all sinners anyway, and we all will have to repent, why not have a little fun before we cleanse ourselves forever?

Sinful Temptation... Phone Sex Sin With Ava

Yes, I am the Serpent Mistress, and here I am tempting you to succumb to your sinful temptation. Just like the Lord of Darkness did with Adam & Eve. If it’s considered sinful in the eyes of the Lord, you will indulge in it, and then you will pay! So go ahead, look at these delicious fruits. You know very well they are forbidden, but you would like a taste, wouldn’t you?

Call 1-888-631-6822 now and you can get that taste! Forget all your priorities now and bathe in the luxury of sin! For the small price of your soul… & $2/min. (Ask to get 20 for $29.99, for a limited time only) – Ava

Bad Apple Ava

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Hey guys it’s Tara, your favorite little teen tart! Have you missed me? I know I’ve missed you guys. I’ve especially missed the touch of my Daddy!
Anyway, I just came on here to tell you about my new skype. I set it up so I could be able to take calls from guys internationally for the standard US rate and also so I could get IMs to set up calls. Please note that I am not there to do shows or to give you free chat, lol, so please keep that in mind! However, if you want to set up a call and give me a little details on what you want to talk about, or even if you would like an online chat session, you are welcome to send me a message there! I don’t even mind if you want to show me something on cam during our session so long as it’s not too bad! Add me there if you have a skype just so I can be on your buddy list too. That way you can see whenever I’m online and available to chat!

Even when I’m not on chat here you can still catch me for privates.
Chat with paid sessions only. Standard rates still apply. 

My skype username: tinyteentara_1

Add me on skype now and schedule an online session and receive 10 minutes free! With the purchase of 10 mins or more at $20. Just ask me for the private chat special. One time use only and ONLY for skype chat sessions!!

A little piece of tight ass.

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Feminine sissy fags in the kitchen.


Everyone knows that in the BDSM chain of command, the little bitch does the house work! For most couples, the more feminine one especially does all the house chores! That’s why I love when my special sissy fags know their place in the food chain. You want to be a lady, then you’re gonna have to act like a lady, look like a lady, and even cook like one. So go ahead, put on that apron and assume the position as the kitchen sissy maid! You won’t regret it. I’m sure you know it’s exactly what you were meant for, as you know you are weaker than even most females!

I would love to watch you stumble around in heels as you try to Wo”man” the kitchen for your first time! Think of how sexy you’d look in a little apron with the ass cut out and a tight thong to show off your smooth freshly waxed sissy ass. What screams “fuck me” more than being a completely submissive sissy who fulfills all his girlish duties? They always say a way to a man’s heart is in his belly, so get to cooking if you want to catch his attention. If you’re a lucky subbie sissy, then you might even have something to taste on as well! (How about a mouthful of his cum? I know that’s what you really need.)



Sexy Goth Princess

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Get 20 minutes of steamy hot phone sex for only $29.99.
Call today and ask about how you can receive the special for cheap phone sex.

Wicked Webmaster

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You can’t go wrong with a sexy brunette girl. Sure, blondes are nice. I’ve known some pretty hot redheads too! Even the black haired girls got it going on. But it’s the girls like me who are the hottest. Okay maybe that’s just my opinion… But am I really wrong here? Girls with beautifully long brown hair have such a classy look. You can’t go wrong with classy.

Plus speaking from my own experience, a brunette girl really does have more fun! I totally know how to make things more exciting for sure. Brunette college girls are so sexy. No, I’m not just talking about myself! I even check them out while I’m on campus. Some of them are real party animals. Us brown haired girls are often the ones causing the most trouble at all the college parties. Relax, it’s only the good kind of trouble I’m talking about. (;

My sexual experience involving girls has mostly been with brunettes as well. I swear we are the nymphomaniacs in the group! We’re just so fucking hot, don’t you agree? If you haven’t been with a girl like me before then allow me to show you what I mean, babe. It’s time for some fun!


Kinky COED Felicity

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My daddy was the first one to ever turn me onto anal sex. He is the first to ever show me what it’s like to feel a thick cock inside my tight little ass. My obsession with older men is because of him. But also my obsession with anal is because of my sweet daddy as well! I think older men and ass fucking should both go hand in hand. They have much more experience than the boys my age. The boys around my age just can’t compete with older men and that’s fact.

So my anal obsession only continues to grow! I love the way it feels to have my sweet little asshole stretched. If you’re into this as much as I am then maybe we should get together. My daddy won’t mind, I promise! Actually he would love it if other men used his sweet young girl for their pleasure. I think everyone wins in this situation! It would be insanely hot if you fucked me up my young ass in front of my daddy too. Knowing him, he wouldn’t even think to stop you. Damn I’m such a bad girl! All I want is to have a little bit of fun… Don’t you want the same too?

Young & Sexy Lil Lexi

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This tight teen body is your temptation. I giggle just knowing how addicted you are to me. It fills your Princess with so much joy just knowing you’re this obsessed with me. It makes sense too. I get that your wife can’t pleasure and satisfy you like I can. Compared to me she could never be as good as I am.

Barely Legal teen Makayla

She wishes that she had hot perky tits like me. A tight body like this is only something she could wish for in her wildest dreams. I just laugh knowing that I’m on your mind this much. Your wifey always takes the back seat, hahaha. You know a teen body like this is difficult to pass up!

So don’t attempt to ignore me. You know you can’t do that anyway. Your mind has become preoccupied with thoughts and images of me. Just how it should be! At this point you are my slave. And I am your young Princess. Are you feeling hard yet? I bet when you saw my picture that you couldn’t contain yourself.

As your Princess, I could give you so much joy. I already have and I won’t stop. I don’t plan to stop either. Talk to me. You obviously want to.

Princess Makayla 888-542-5810



Say Yes to Princess!

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Birthday Cake for Hot Curvy Phone Sex Goddess Lizzie

Get this cake from your HOT Curvy Goddess Lizzie!

Today is a special day! It’s my birthday. This is the best day ever because I get to make this day all about ME! My favorite person of ALL! Yes, I am a bit vain but for good reason. I know what I have to offer is more priceless than gold. My birthday is the best because that’s when everyone cums together to worship me and buy me gifts! I’m more than spoiled, and still couldn’t get enough! Thank you to all the slaves that sent me amazon gift cards today for the special occasion. It’s also not too late for YOU to show your appreciation too by sending an amazon giftcard to my email naughtymisslizzie@gmail.com. (Other email gift cards are welcomed as well, like Victoria’s Secret.)

Today I will be out and about, having a lot more fun than you. However, if you are still a desperate and needy slave vying my attention, you are still welcomed to call me at my NEW vanity number 1-908-69MSLIZ for a little ignore-line action. That’s right, call me NOW and get ignored if you want to be reminded of how special you are NOT loser. I can even expose you to all my friends tonight! Or you can text me at my vanity number 1-908-69MSLIZ to set up a call BY APPOINTMENT TODAY ONLY!) If you are lucky, you might even get a piece of this cake tonight! -Lizzie

Sinful School Teacher

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pet play

Pet play is easily one of the hottest things that makes my pussy wet. My Master loves it when I wear my kitty ears and collar for him. I get on my hands and knees and crawl over to him. He sits with his hard cock out of his jeans, ready for me to suck out every drop of his fresh milk. It’s so tasty and warm too! Just perfect for a cute kitty like me.

Being his naughty pet is so erotic. I love getting into that “pet” headspace. I am all his. Ready for my Master to make me his little slutty kitty. He isn’t shy to make me do even the dirtiest things to satisfy him. I love licking him all over his body with my warm tongue. Yes, even in those places where the sun doesn’t shine! Master’s kitty will even go as far as licking his ass. It makes him so happy when I do that.

The taste is so yummy. Almost as yummy as drinking his warm milk. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. I’m one filthy pet who won’t stop at nothing until Master is completely satisfied. That’s how it should always be!


Kinky COED Felicity

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Recently I got this new babysitting job! I really don’t even have to do much as it’s for the evening when the little brats are sleeping. That means I have full reign over the house and what I say goes. If the little ones even make a peep, that’s it with me. Oh, did I mention I’ve been given full punishment privileges? Yeah, let’s just say I’m definitely using them to my advantage with the little ones. I have them so scared and locked up in their room that they won’t even dare to come out with me around. They know when Miss Avery is around, that means to shut up because it’s my house!

My boss (the dad of the brats) is really fucking rich and loves going out for long nights of gambling. He is too drunk to realize anything’s amiss so I can pretty much do as I please with no complaints. There’s a maid who cleans up after me anyway. He has a huge house perfect for throwing sex parties and a bar full of liquor. Since I’m too young to buy alcohol I take full advantage of the bar as well.

Sometimes when he’s gone extra late, I like to use his bank account to buy up a bunch of drugs as well as anything else I want for a long night of freaky sex partying. He has no idea that I do these things, but not like he cares. When he comes back home from gambling in the morning, he likes to hand me a portion of his winnings. When he wins big, he gives me an extra bonus, and gives me something big to play with too… All for a hard day’s work of keeping those little brats quiet!

Sexy Goth Princess

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